6 Best Reasons to Own a Keebos Phone Necklace in 2019

When I walk around Venice, Los Angeles with my phone necklace, people often stop me to ask about my phone strap and why I wear it. The feedback I get is usually very positive and I hear all kinds of suggestions for using a cell phone Necklace. I thought I'd lay out my favorite reasons that I have heard over the past weeks, to show why you want to get your hands on one...

iPhone necklace case 

1) No pockets? Small pockets? No problem!

One of my personal favorite reasons of having a strap attached to your case is that you’re not always wearing clothes with pockets big enough for your phone--especially with the iPhone X Max or 8 Plus. We’ve all done it- forcing smartphones into small pockets, squeezing them to your hip, or just giving up and holding it in your hands. A phone necklace solves this problem. Hands free = stress free.

iPhone necklace case 

2) Festivals

Have you or a friend ever lost your phone at a festival? Same here! Phone necklaces with an adjustable strap are the perfect accessory for festivals such as Coachella, EDC, Lollapalooza or South by Southwest. You don’t want to carry a bulky bag, your fresh outfit lacks pockets, and you need quick access to your phone to capture those once-in-a-lifetime snaps and videos.

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Best Accessory for Music Festival - Phone lanyard



3) Travel 

Whether you are at the airport, on a bus, on a hike, or in a museum, you’ll want to have your phone close and accessible most of the time. But be careful in less safe areas when your phone is visible. In that case, you also shouldn’t put all your cards in the case cardholder. 

phone strap, best iphone necklace case


4) Dog-Walking

Often, when you walk your dog you wear sweatpants or outfits without big pockets. And you have one hand on the leash and one on your phone, meaning no room for coffee or water. If your pooch suddenly decides to chase a squirrel or another dog, you could drop your phone. Your iPhone necklace will catch it, and you can make sure your dog is safe.

iPhone necklace dog 

5) You’re a mom

Anyone raising kids knows that kids keep your hands full with never-ending picking up toys, cleaning, snack prep, picking up your screaming kid, and all the other fun things that come with parenting... At the same time, you also want to make sure to snap cute moments, like their first steps. With the strap, your phone will be readily accessible. One of the most interesting use cases I’ve seen is a little girl watching youtube videos while being carried by her mom. If she had dropped her mom’s phone, the necklace strap would have kept the phone from falling. We've put together all reasons for moms to own a phone necklace on our blog here.

best phone necklace hands free moms


6) It's Trendy

Since wearing my iPhone necklace strap in different colors, I have received a ton of positive feedback and people stop and ask all the time.  So next to all of the functional benefits, it's also a great fashion accessory! You can wear it cross-body or like a necklace.

Fashion Accessory crossbody iPhone case 

7) Scooter, bike, micro-mobility

Have you ever tried riding an electric scooter while recording a story on your phone? If not, please don’t ever try it. If you have, I’ll admit--I made the same mistake. With a phone necklace, it’s easier to use your phone while riding a bike, scooter or even a skateboard. Just please be careful!

best accessory for scooter and micromobility keebos iphone necklace case

A phone necklace strap has many benefits that can help make your life easier and less stressful. What’s your #1 reason for wearing your iPhone necklace?

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Our crossbody phone necklace cases are available for all iPhones - even older models such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and 7 / 8 Plus.


  • Jenna

    I love my Abbot Kinney Keebos!! My #1 reason for the iPhone necklace is actually going to the gym and going on runs. I just pull the ends to make the strap a bit tighter than when I normally wear it and I’m good to go. Honestly, an amazing idea to have the strap attached to the case!

  • Keebos Team

    Hey Becky! Thanks for asking about the pocket on the back of the keebos phone case. After placing your credit cards and cash into the pocket on the back of the case, you just pull the stretchy top material of the pocket over the cards and now everything is sealed and safe :) Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can see it on the product pictures here: https://keebos.com/collections/products-iphone-necklaces/products/iphone-necklace-sunset

  • Becky

    Your description says that there’s a sealed pocket on the back .But when you look at pictures it doesn’t look like that . So could you please tell me how this works

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