A Must-Have Accessory for Coachella & Festivals in 2019 - Keebos Phone Case with Strap

Must-Have Festival Accessory for Coachella 2019

Ever dropped your phone at a festival?

Ever lost your phone at a festival?

Ever missed capturing the best moment at a set?


If you have ever been to a festival like Coachella, you can probably relate! Wearing your favorite festival outfit can be hard when not knowing where to put your phone while making sure it’s safe but also easily accessible... Keebos’ phone case with the adjustable strap will do just that! The best part is you can also store your ID, credit cards and cash into the pocket attached to the case. Ok, the last, best part is that the phone necklace itself also makes for an amazing festival fashion accessory.

As the festfashions blog explains, keebos phone necklaces can be "worn like a purse or could be worn tighter like a lanyard for a guy. It comes in a totally adjustable strap (made like a friendship bracelet so can go super loose or super tight), and is designed to hang on you, at the ready for use.“ We also love the idea of further individualizing your case by placing a picture on your phone. 

Festival Phone Case Strap

"The case is soft plastic, and they only make them for iPhones right now. I was at first a little nervous about how well it would hold my phone, but it definitely feels secure in the case." Instagram: @festfasion 

Ade has featured the keebos phone necklace on her blog Vibewithade. She highlighted that her phone stayed safe and secure in the case while she was wearing it at Vibe Vessel

As someone that is constantly getting photos and videos at events, this was perfect because I didn’t have to keep on taking my phone in and out of my bag it was just right by my side.”

VibewithAde Keebos Phone Necklace with Case Review

Keebos really go well with any outfit and are made for those who love to combines style with functionality. Festioutfitinspo describes it best: “With Keebos you will always have your phone readily accessible and won’t have to squeeze your phone into small pockets anymore”. Instagram 

Festioutfitinspo Keebos iphone necklace strap

Check out all 4 colors of our festival accessory, which are available for all iPhones here.

Best coachella accessories keebos phone case

Honestly even better, is the fact that it’s only $35, a truly small price to pay for the security of your belongings.“ - Festfashions.

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