The Best Phone Case with Band: 6 Reasons Why Keebos Stands Out

The Best Phone Case with Band

You have probably seen people on the streets with their phone connected to a band. There is a high change that the one you saw was a Keebos case. Whether you're looking for functionality, style, or sustainability, Keebos has it all... Here are 6 fun reasons why Keebos is the best phone case with a band.

phone case with band

Phone Case with Band - A Must-Have in 2024

1. Keeps You Hands-Free & Stay Carefree

In today's fast-paced world, being hands-free is a real game-changer! Keebos phone cases are designed with a convenient band that allows you to carry your phone around your neck or across your body.

This means you can easily access your phone without the hassle of digging through your bag/pockets. Whether you're juggling grocery bags, walking your dog, or simply on the go... the innovative accessory keeps your phone within reach & your hands free. It's really perfect for multitaskers and ANYONE who appreciates the convenience of always having their phone close by and safe.


2. Comes with a Convenient & Sleek Wallet for Cards

One of the standout features of Keebos phone cases that has band attached is the built-in wallet. The wallet is perfect for carrying your essential cards, like your ID, credit cards, or transit pass. This means you can leave your bulky wallet at home and just carry the essentials... customers love the wallet!

A cool bonus is that the wallet also includes a handy finger strap that makes it easy to hold your phone securely in one hand. This reduces the risk of dropping it. Now this combination of functionality & convenience makes the iPhone case with band a top choice for those who want to keep everything in one place. 

best iphone case with band

3. Assembled & Shipped from Venice, California

The trendy phone cases are proudly assembled and shipped from Venice, California. This ensures a high level of quality control. By keeping production close to home, Keebos can maintain strict standards and deliver a superior product to their customers. Plus, shipping from California means faster delivery times for U.S. customers! So you can start enjoying your new phone case sooner. Knowing that your phone case is assembled with care &precision adds gives you extra confidence in the product's durability and reliability.

phone case with band

4. One Tree Planted per Purchase

The California based accessory company is committed to sustainability. One of the ways they give back to the planet is by planting a tree for every phone case purchased. This initiative helps offset their environmental impact and contributes to reforestation efforts around the world. By choosing Keebos, you're not only getting a high-quality phone case but also making a positive impact on the environment.

It's a win-win situation...where you get a stylish & functional accessory while supporting a company that cares about the future of our planet. All of the packaging is also eco-friendly, as you can see in the picture below. 


5. Stars & Celebrities LOVE It

Keebos has gained an organic celebrity following. This includes stars like Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Spelling, and Maria Menounos spotted using their phone cases.

When celebrities endorse a product, it can often speak volumes about its quality and appeal. The small brand from California has managed to capture the attention of these stars because of its unique combination of style, functionality, and sustainability. Seeing your favorite celebrities using Keebos adds a touch of glamour and assurance that you're choosing a product loved by people who have access to the best of the best.

best phone case with band attached

6. Straps Are Detachable & Exchangeable

One of the unique and fun features of the phone case with band is that it has detachable and exchangeable straps. This allows you to customize your phone case to match your outfit or mood. You can easily swap out the straps for different colors or styles for your cross body phone case. This gives you the flexibility to change up your look without having to buy a whole new case. The straps are also adjustable, this makes sure there is a comfortable fit for everyone. This level of customization and versatility is one of the customers' favorite things. 



In summary, Keebos is the best phone case with band for a variety of beautiful reasons.... It keeps you hands-free, comes with a convenient sleek wallet for your cards, & is assembled and shipped from Venice, California, so you can count. on high quality and fast delivery! Their commitment to sustainability is amazing -  through their one tree planted per purchase initiative, and their celebrity following speaks to the product's appeal & reliability. Lastly, the detachable and exchangeable straps add an extra level of fun of versatility and customization. 

best phone case with band
 It's not just a phone case; it's a lifestyle accessory that enhances your everyday life while making a positive impact on the planet. 
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