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How to Not Lose Your Phone in 2021

Wondering how to never lose your phone again? Whether you are trying to avoid losing your phone at a festival, while traveling or just on an average day - we did the research. Here are the best ways to prevent losing your phone. 
1. Always Put It In The Same Spot
This may seem very obvious, but it's an easy hack of which not enough people take advantage. If you always put your phone in the same pocket, you will notice right away when it's not there. You are priming yourself to have it exactly in the same spot, that's why when it's not there you'll know quickly and can go back to where you had it last, before it's too late! This also works in circumstances when you may be distracted or more forgetful, like when you've had drinks.
2. Protect With Password
If someone finds your phone, there is a chance they give it back right away, because it's password protected. Of course, having no password on your phone is more convenient. But failing to set a password is also more convenient for a thief who wants to keep or earn a quick penny by selling your phone after they find it. 
3. Install Anti-Theft App
Turn on the Android Device Manager or the Find My iPhone service on your phone to help you in tracking your device, just in case you lose it. It's usually something you do when it's too late. Today is not too late! Here the five best anti-theft apps for android and here for iPhones. 
4. Boring But True: Stay Organized
How to not lose you cell phone at home? Clutter doesn't help. Ever thought you lost your phone, but knew you couldn't have because you didn't leave the house? In general when you don't put in the time to clean up, you can end up losing more time when you ultimately need to search high and low for your stuff. An easy solution is to have a designated place where you keep your phone in your home. The same goes for your keys. Similar to point 1, but a little different. You get the idea.
5. Back-up Your Phone
We usually only back up our phones and laptops after a bad experience. In other words, when our files are GONE and it's already too late. So, instead, back up your phone right now, before a crash or loss actually happens. That way, if you do happen to lose your phone, then it's only the physical phone that is missing, rather than all the sentimental saved messages, emails, photos and videos.. oh an phone numbers, do a back up now!
You're thinking how can I stop losing and dropping my phone? Keebos crossbody phone case is the perfect solution! It keeps your phone accessible and always close to you. When you don't need it, you just drop it and it stays close to your body. Since it has a wallet attached to it, you don't need to bring a wallet anymore either. Really the best way to stop losing your phone. 
Another very genius idea is Tile. The small finder that sticks to virtually anything, like small electronic devices, outdoor gear or even your dog. The Tile is linked wirelessly to your app, and helps you track which ever object (or pet) you are worried about losing! The Tile really will help you never lose your cell phone again. 
8. Never Put Your Phone in Your Back Pocket
Putting your phone in your back pocked is the one of the easiest way for your phone to fall out of your pocket and for people to steal it. Pickpockets are cunning: they might bump into you to create a slight distraction, and then swipe your phone at the same time. You won't even feel your phone go missing, and it could be gone (forever and ever). Don't  let this happen to you! Keep your phone in your front pockets, a purse, or on a Keebos crossbody case with a strap!
What do you do to not lose your phone? Let us know in the comments, so that everyone can learn from each other :) 

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