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How to Not Lose Your Phone in 2020

Wondering how to never lose your phone again? Whether you are not trying to lose it a festival, while traveling or just for everyday - we did the research and found the best way to prevent loosing you phone. 
1. Always Put It In The Same Spot
Seems very evident, but it's an easy hack. If you always put it in the same pocket, you will realize right away when it's not there. You are priming yourself to have it exactly in the same spot, that's why when it's not there you'll know quickly and can go back to where you had it last, before it's too late! This also works for when you had too many drinks.
2. Protect With Password
If someone finds it, there is a chance they give it back right away, because it's password protected. Having no password is more convenient, but also more convenient for someone to keep it if hey find it. 
3. Install Anti-Theft App
Turn on the Android Device Manager or the Find My iPhone service on your phone to help you in tracking your device, just in case you lose it. It's usually something you do when it's too late. Today is not too late! Here the five best anti-theft apps for android and here for iPhones. 
4. Boring But True: Stay Organized
How to not lose you cell phone at home? Clutter doesn't help..Ever thought you lost your phone, but knew you couldn't have because you didn't leave the house. In general when you don't clean up, you will lose more time trying to find stuff. An easy solution to have a place for your phone in your home, same goes for you keys. Similar to point 1, but a little different, you get it. 
5. Back-up Your Phone
We usually only back up our phones and laptops after a bad experience. When everything is GONE. So do it now, before it actually happens. So when you do lose your phone it's only the physical phone and not all the emotional saved texts, photos and videos.. oh an phone numbers, do a back up now!
You're thinking how can I stop losing and dropping my phone? Keebos crossbody phone case is the perfect solution! It keeps your phone accessible and always close to you. When you don't need it, you just drop it and it stays close to your body. Since it has a wallet attached to it, you don't need to bring a wallet anymore either. Really the best way to stop losing your phone. 
Another very genius idea is Tile. The small finder that sticks to virtually anything, like small electronic devices, outdoor gear or your dog. This will really help you never lose your cell phone again. 
8. Never Put Your Phone in Your Back Pocket
That's the easiest way for your phone to fall out of your pocket and for people to steal it. If someone pushes you and takes your phone out of your pocket at the same time you won't feel it and it's gone (forever((and ever)).
What do you do to not lose your phone? Let us know in the comments, so that everyone can learn from each other :) 

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