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Keebos Crossbody Phone Case Reviews 

Daily Mail on Eva Longoria wearing her Sunset Keebos.

"Her look was topped off with angular sunglasses and she carried her phone via a chic little crossbody sling by Keebos."

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Keebos crossbody case is currently Eva Longoria's Phone Case - it's fashionable and functional. 

"If you’ve been looking for a better way to carry your phone, this is it." 

keebos review
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Jaci Marie, Blogger/Entrepreneur

“This thing saved my life during Coachella”

jaci-marie-phone-case-2020-keebos-review-testimonial-iphone-crossbody-bag-wallet jaci-marie-phone-case-style-2020-crossbody-necklace Keebos-reviews-crossbody-phone-case
Sana, Customer 💚 "Best crossbody phone case in the world, it saved my life at Electric Forrest Festival" - Lauren Vee, Festival Influencer keebos-real-review-truth-phone-necklace-crossbody
Larissa Chehuen: "I love it! I'm right here in Amsterdam, it's been so useful, thank you so much!" Click to watch the video"Keebos is a keepo!" -
"Keebos functional and fashionable Crossbody Wallet Phone Case is the ideal accessory for any multitasker that likes to stay hands-free...The convenient cardholder on the back is sealable–a truly genius addition to the case "- Gadget Vibes 
"Keebos also reduce how often you place your phone on unsanitized surfaces, as you’ll naturally keep your phone on you with the Keebos, rather than setting it down." Ode Magazine
"I have been wearing my necklace iPhone holder for over a year now, and I get compliments all the time. I love that it has a wallet attached to it, I never have to bring wallet when being out and about"  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  Sophia, Customer "As a woman with a disability, my hands are unable to hold a phone safely. With my old iPhone SE I used the Lanskin phone case with lanyard. Last week I upgraded to the iPhone 11 and found that Lanskin did not offer a phone case for this model, so I went searching on Google. I first bought and tried out the Bone phone case with a neck strap. It was a disaster, so I went back to Google and found your Keebos cross body phone case for the iPhone 11. It arrived today, my husband easily put it on my phone, and it is perfection! I wear it around my neck and it sits in my lap because I am in a mobility scooter. I can easily reach down and look anything up on the phone, and when I want to take a photograph - I am a serious photographer - I have already found the elastic strap on the back of the case to be a wonderful way for me to hold the phone safely while I take a picture. It is also attractive, lightweight and comfortable. I want to thank the entire Keebos team for designing such an excellent phone case. I am a very happy customer!" I love this Keebos necklace! I was always running around with my hands full, dropping my iphone- so this made a huge difference. I sling it along with my purse (or without my purse if i'm running to the gym), wear it necklace style at work, and it's amazing for travel. I never misplace or drop my phone anymore! And it is stylish- because we all love practicality, but when I can match practicality with my outfits, it is a win. -

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Eva Longoria wearing her Sunset Keebos.

"Her look was topped off with angular sunglasses and she carried her phone via a chic little crossbody sling by Keebos" -Daily Mail


Staying Handsfree & Carefree

Using Keebos Seem to always be misplacing your phone? Take a cue from Eva Longoria, who was spotted wearing Keebos Crossbody Phone Case Necklace. The smart accessory comes with adjustable straps, a credit card pouch and a finger-grip loop for the ultimate multifunctional, hard-to-lose case!

My favorite phone case of all time, I wear it everyday and all my friends got one as well!


I get so many compliments on my Royal Gold Keebos, it's super cute and keeps me handsfree.


I use my Keebos at work all the time but also love it for hikes and walking my dog. Best purchase this year so far!


I got my whole family a Keebos and we can't live without it. Love the tree planting as well, you guys are the best!


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Are you busy and multitask a lot? Then you will agree with our customer Sophie.

"I always do 10 things at the same time, and with my Keebos I have my phone accessible at all times without misplacing it. A real gamechanger for me"

Like Functionality Combined with Fashion?

Our customer Cheryl Kaplan love the mix.

"When I go out I want my phone close and safe with me, but don't want to compromise on my looks. Keebos is the perfect combination of fashion and usefulness. No wonder everyone is talking about them."