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Looking for a Crossbody Phone Case? - You will love Keebos

Hey guys! We looked far and wide for the best crossbody phone case that is high-quality, comfortable, practical and--of course--fashionable. Oh, and affordable as well! So we tried different ideas, materials, lengths, and colors and came to this fashionable and functional final design.  You can see all of our other crossbody phone cases here. It's Easily Adjustable Our Keebos crossbody phone case is easily adjustable. Like a friendship bracelet, you can just pull on both straps to make it tighter for situations like a bike ride or during travel. But you can also wear it looser, which helps when you want to take pictures at a festival for example. Sealable Pocket to Store Cards & Cash If you don't want to bring a bag...

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A Must-Have Accessory for Coachella & Festivals in 2019 - Keebos Phone Case with Strap

Ever dropped your phone at a festival? Ever lost your phone at a festival? Ever missed capturing the best moment at a set?   If you have ever been to a festival or Coachella you can probably relate! Wearing your favorite festival outfit can be hard when not knowing where to put your phone while making sure it’s safe but also easily accessible... Keebos’ phone case with adjustable strap will do just that! The best part is you can also store your ID, Credit Cards and Cash into the pocket attached to the case. Ok, the last, best part is that the phone necklace itself also makes for an amazing festival fashion accessory. As the festfashions blog explains, keebos phone necklaces can be "worn like a purse...

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6 Best Reasons To Own a Phone Necklace in 2019

When I walk around Venice, Los Angeles with my phone necklace, people often stop me to ask about my phone strap and why I wear it. Unsurprisingly, the feedback I get is usually very positive and I hear all kinds of suggestions for using a cell phone Necklace. I thought I'd lay out my favorite reasons that I have heard over the past weeks, to show why you want to get your hands on one...

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