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Best Holiday Gadgets & Accessories in 2021

8 of the Best Holiday Gadgets & Accessories in 2021 We did over 120 hours over research and put together a list of the best travel gadgets and accessories. Hope this will help you find some amazing stuff you haven't seen yet or heard of.    1. Refillable Sanitizer Wristband   This amazing hand sanitizer holder with wristband is super easy to use anytime and anywhere. Easily press the logo, and it will instantly dispense the correct amount of sanitizing gel. Never forget your sanitizer when you go outside. This hand sanitizer bracelet comfortably fits your wrist and will remind you to sanitize your hands regularly without the hassle of lugging around bulky bottles. The best is you can also use it for gel,...

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How to Make the iPhone More User-Friendly for Seniors

  It's a common belief that the majority of seniors aren't fond of technology, but this isn't exactly accurate anymore. An article on Martech Zone shares that 59% of people aged 65-69 use smartphones. The iPhone's user-friendly interface is ideal for seniors who want a no-nonsense piece of technology. And with a bit of tweaking, you can make it even more accessible for older mobile users: Enlarge Display Elements First, you'll need to make all the icons on the interface easier to see. Open the iPhone's Settings. From there, head to the Display & Brightness tab then the Display Zoom tab. Here, you can change your view to Zoomed, which enlarges all iPhone icons. To increase the text size, open the Accessibility tab found in Settings. From there, open the Vision tab and...

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The Best Anti-Fall Phone Case

The Best Anti-Fall Phone Case for Anyone That Hates Dropping Their Phone Are you tired of dropping, misplacing and losing your phone? Smartphones are getting bigger in size so it's harder to hold them in one hand or put them in your pocket.  Keebos' clever invention is here to help you out! Check out the reasons why we have the best antifall phone cases.   1. Handsfree and Carefree Crossbody Phone Case With Keebos Crossbody Phone Cases, your life will be less stressful. Just place your phone into the sleek phone case and pull the straps ends to easily adjust the size. Now you can start wearing your phone crossbody or as a necklace. It's really made for those who love to combine...

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Best Travel Accessories To Travel Smart in 2021

Gadgets and Gear to Keep You Safe on Your Next Trip 1. Keebos Crossbody Phone Case - Keeps You Hands-Free $28.95 If you don't already know, travelers LOVE Keebos crossbody phone cases. Also called phone necklaces, these phone case accessories are perfect for anyone that love to stay handsfree and carefree. By conveniently having your phone around your neck, you won't misplace it, drop it or lose it when traveling. Also there is a wallet on the back of the case, so you can have your most important cards and cash close to you and readily available. A bonus is the elastic strap on the back of the case which makes it easier to hold your often large smart phone in...

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Clever Ways to Carry Your Phone with No Pockets

One of the big challenges faced by women’s clothing, in general, is that there aren’t a lot of pockets. It’s a really frustrating thing to deal with, because most of the time, all we need is a little storage for the essentials such as our phone! If you can’t put your mobile in the pocket, where do you put it? Well, you do have a handful of different options, so let’s take a look at some of the functional and stylish alternatives.

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