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What is Venice Beach? Most Important Facts About Venice 2021

Venice Beach Venice located in the northwest of Los Angeles, between Santa Monica and LAX Airport, is world famous. Featured in TV series, and movies such as White Men Can't Jump, Baywatch, Nightcrawler, American History X and A Nightmare on Elm Street and it ranks high among the places people will want to visit when they come to LA. About For most people not from here, the beach promenade board walk is what draws them to Venice and also what they believe IS Venice. Admittedly, Venice Beach is the heart of the neighborhood. A bustling stretch right along the beautiful beach, here is where you will find souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, and flashy eccentric personalities, performers, local artists selling their works, and...

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Best Phone Case for Apple Pay and Contactless Payment in 2021

Contactless Payment is an increasing trend, especially since the beginning of COVID-19. We have the perfect phone case for contactless payment, but first let's look why this trend on the rise.  According to a recent article on CNBC, more and more merchants as well as customers prefer contact less payment like apple pay to avoid the chance of getting into contact with germs and viruses.     "Shoppers are increasingly paying in ways that don’t involve touching cash, or handing over a credit card, because of fears of the coronavirus, according to Mastercard. The credit-card giant reported a 40% jump in contactless payments — including tap-to-pay and mobile pay — during the first quarter as the global pandemic worsened." Source: CNBC Many of our customers...

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The 10 Best Ways to Protect Your Phone in 2021

The 10 Best Ways You Can Protect Your Phone | Mobile Phone Security Tips | How to Protect Your Phone from Damage Phones need protecting from many things. Internal, external, inanimate or not, knowing how to protect your phone from damage is important. However, finding mobile phone security tips can be difficult. So, here at Keebos, we’re bringing you the 10 best ways you can protect your phone. From the prying hands of others to damage from the brutal world, you can ensure you and your smart phone remains safe.  1. Use a Screen Protector   With cell phones like Apple and Android using thin glass, it’s common to see cracked screens. After all, human hands aren’t grippy. Think about how...

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