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Best Phone Case With Strap and Card Holder

Keebos Functional and Fashionable Phone Case with Strap and Card Holder only phone case you need to stay handsfree and happy. After many celebrities have been spotted wearing their Keebos phone case, we've summarized the top 5 reasons why you should switch over to this innovative new way of carrying your phone.    1. Stay Handsfree All The Time There are so many moments in your life where you need your phone accessible but at the same time you want to stay handsfree. Examples are when you go hiking, traveling, shopping, riding a bike, dog-walking, going to restaurants and bars, strolling through the neighborhood and many more. By having the phone case with strap around your neck, you will...

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The Best Cell Phone Wallet with Crossbody Strap (2021)

Wondering where to get a new crossbody phone wallet with a crossbody strap? Look no further than Keebos! Our Keebos selection offers various cell phone cases with crossbody straps that will allow you to consolidate all your essentials into just one convenient crossbody accessory.

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What is a Phone Necklace Holder?

The 5 Best Reasons Why You Need a Phone Necklace Holder     You've probably seen people wearing their cell phone necklace holders while going shopping, walking their dog or while traveling. It's becoming a huge trend--and for good reasons. Below our 5 best reasons why you need a Keebos cell phone necklace holder.  1. Handsfree Means Carefree Phones are continuously becoming more important to our lives. This means we constantly need our phones close to us and accessible. Whether that is good or bad, I can't say. What I can say, though, is that having your phone on a strap around your neck makes your life a lot easier in many different situations. It's peace of mind to not having to worry...

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What is the Best Phone Case for Realtors?

Are you looking for the BEST phone case for working in real estate? You've found it! Many of our customers work in real estate and keep thanking us for our unique phone case. We did some research and asked them why they think it's the perfect accessory for working in real estate, and here are the.. Top 5 Reasons Why Keebos is the Best Phone Case for Real Estate 1. Handsfree While On The Go... "I tend to talk a lot with my hands lol, and as real estate is becoming more digital I like the fact that I can interact comfortably with my clients in person while still having quick access to my phone" -Dean M.  The Keebos phone case...

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Cell Phone Wallet With Crossbody Strap

Cell Phone Wallet With Crossbody Strap - The Newest Trend of 2021 Here are 5 Reasons Why you Need A Keebos Crossbody Strap With Wallet Today   1. Don't Ever Drop Your Phone Or Break Your Screen Again It's such a relief having a strap connected to your phone case. If you're like most people you have cracked your screen before or at least dropped and scratched it. With phones getting more expensive, you want to make sure to keep your phone safe. With cell phone with a crossbody strap, you can wear your phone like a necklace or like a crossbody purse. You'll have your phone available and keep it secure from falling. Once you will start using your...

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