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Best iPhone Case to Gift for Christmas in 2020

Keebos crossbody iPhone case Here some other great gifts for the holidays from Influx Media's November Tech Roundup:   Kickbike KickBike America is renowned for spearheading the scooter revolution with its seasoned and highly experienced team of designers, athletes, and adventurers. With a line of premium quality Kickbikes, they offer everything from a BMX scooter and fitness scooters to family scooters and even dog scooters. Their Kickbikes have even been hailed as the “Porsche of the Scooter World” and rightly so. Everyone from families who love riding together, and Olympic and NFL athletes who ride Kickbikes for injury recovery and cross-training, to Iditarod champs who train their sled dogs use a Kickbike for their very specific needs. Blix...

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Phone Case with Rope Attached - The Newest Trend in 2020

What’s the Phone Case with Rope Attached? Keebos! Since launching our new products, we’ve heard people describe Keebos in all sorts of ways--some more unusual than others! Recently, someone called our Keebos “the phone case with the rope attached.” While we’re totally fine with that, we usually call it a phone necklace case. Here’s a shortlist of the various descriptions we’ve heard! 1. Phone Necklace 2. Phone Lanyard 3. Crossbody Phone Case 4. Phone Case with Strap 5. Phone Case Neck Holder  

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The New Best iPhone 11 Case in 2020 - Keebos Phone Necklace

The Keebos crossbody phone necklace for iPhone 11 is great for lots of reasons: Keeps your hands free! Holds cards and cash of the back of the case Features elastic finger strap that helps you to securely hold the phone Has an easily adjustable strap that allows you to carry your iPhone either as a phone necklace or in a crossbody case style! It helps you avoid losing or dropping your phone! 

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"Hold up - Hold my Phone": Why Drake Urgently Needs a Keebos Phone Necklace Case

Fun fact: Drake needs a Keebos phone necklace case! Find out why, here! A recent analysis actually shows that on his 22-track More Life album, Drake references cellphones ten times - indicative of a slight phone addiction. Also, the fact that he bought a $400,000 diamond-studded case for his phone shows how highly he values his phone! Kee Kee Drake.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Moms LOVE the Keebos Crossbody Phone Case! (2020 Update)

Crossbody Phone Cases - the new trend of 2020. Whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home mom or working-at-home mom, we all know the daily struggles a mom experiences: But don’t worry, Keebos are here to support you to focus on your daily superpowers managing your kids’ lives on top of your own.  

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