iPhone Lanyard Case - Reasons Why Moms Love it

iPhone Lanyard Case - The new trend of 2019. Whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home mom or working-at-home mom, we all know the daily struggles a mom experiences: But don’t worry, Keebos are here to support you to focus on your daily superpowers managing your kids’ lives on top of your own (read more about why moms are amazing here).

We’ve put together the top reasons for all moms to never want to live without our iPhone lanyard case again. 

1. Because searching = time lost with your little one. Being able to remember every little word of that graduation song, but can’t remember where in this world you’ve put your phone. Who can relate? Time is an important asset, which we don’t want to spend searching for phones – especially not after coming home from the playground, changing diapers and rubbing mashed potatoes out of that cute little face. 


2. Because that cute little dress just doesn’t have a pocket. That’s the moment you wish you were back in fourth grade to rock that fanny pack. Keebos bring that style back: With the sealable card pocket on the back of the Keebos phone lanyard, you don’t have to worry about leaving your credit card, driver’s license or any other important item behind. 

phone strap case best iphone lanyard

3. Because we know you have a lot to carry. There’s that one moment after you dropped your iPhone a thousand times when that 5cm fall is enough to make the screen crack. Not anymore! The 4-corner bumper protection of every Keebos phone case saves you from the little bumps in your life and keep your screen and camera safe.

iphone lanyard case for iphone x and iphone xs max

4. Because we want to keep everything close that matters most. Let’s be honest: the times of our phones being simply an item of utility are over – they carry our most personal details, memories of times spent with our loved ones and videos of your kids! Our phone lanyard case keeps your iPhone where it belongs: close to your heart! On top of that, through our adjustable straps and slide-along cord texture, you’re always ready to grab your phone, take a snap of your baby when it does that thing again – before the moment’s gone. 

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