Keebos - The Must-Have Phone Case with Strap Attached in 2022

Keebos - The Must-Have Phone Case with Strap Attached in 2022

Keebos are the phone case with a strap attached that is taking the world by storm. This isn’t surprising, since its simple-yet-elegant design is the phone solution we all needed.

Keebos are adjustable and since they’re a cell phone case with strap attached, you don’t have to worry about losing or dropping your phone.


10 Reason Why You Need a Phone Case with Strap Attached

1. Never Lose Your Phone Again

People lose their smartphones at least once a year, according to mobile security software firm LookOut. We commonly lose them in coffee shops, offices, bars, and restaurants. With Keebos, that’s no longer a problem! Simply wear it like a necklace or like a cross-body bag, and you’ll be ready to go anywhere without a care in the world.


2. If It Can Adjust, It’s a Must

You can adjust your Keebos so the strap is as long or short as you need it to be. All of our phone cases are super simple to adjust. If you’re looking for ultimate versatility, try the Voyage. You can remove the strap entirely if you want to, and it’s even more adjustable than most Keebos are.



3. Simplicity in the Palm of Your Hand

Every Keebos phone case has an elastic strap on the back to give you a better grip on your phone and prevent you from dropping it in water, on the ground, or onto your face (it happens more than you might think)!



4. Plant a Tree and Help the Earth

The Keebos promise is that every phone case you purchase will result in one tree planted. We donate a portion of your purchase to our partner organization to ensure that we do our part to help the environment. We also ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable.



5. Your Secret Stash

Ever want to go for a jog or ride your bike, but don’t want to hassle with figuring out where to put your phone, money, ID, or credit cards? Keebos give you a place for all of those with a handy pouch on the back. You can see it better on our wallet phone case page, but don’t worry, these are on all of our crossbody phone cases too!



6. Protect Your Phone

Keebos already protect your phone by preventing you from dropping it, but it also features durable construction. It’s got a protective and sturdy case with 4-corner bumper protection to absorb shocks and impacts. It even has a 3 millimeter raised lip to protect your front screen and camera.

The premium cord on your Keebos is made with a reinforced core and covered with smooth, luxurious fibers that are comfortable for even sensitive skin. That’s right - you can protect your phone and protect your skin at the same time.




7. So Many Options to Choose From

Have you seen how many choices you have? Keebos is designed for both iPhone and Samsung phones, and you can choose from 10 different designs for iPhone and 7 for Samsung. There are so many colors: black, gold, red, green, pink.

Even the material you choose from your strap can vary: woven, silky, metal chain, or a thicker strap. Some are utterly luxurious while others are great for day-to-day wear.



8. See What All the Fuss is About

People love Keebos. Just take a look at our review page or our Instagram, and you’ll see that everyone agrees: famous celebrities, magazine editors, and the not-yet-famous alike. Maria Menounos, Tori Spelling, and Eva Longoria can’t get enough of Keebos. It’s great for those who live active lifestyles, whether you hike, ride a bike, or ride an ATV. Even healthcare heroes love Keebos because they don’t have to worry about losing their phones while they care for their patients.



9. Kids and Pets Love Keebos, Too

Not only do new Keebos owners love them, though - their kids and pets love them too. There are great family photos on our Instagram that show the advantages of a hands-free phone case, including a great one of Eva Longoria’s family and one of a cool mom with her adorable roller-blading daughter.

Whether you’ve got a paddleboarding pup or a lively kitten, they’re bound to love Keebos. Kittens love to play with the strap, and dogs are happy when their owners are happy. Keebos are a win-win for everyone. 



10. Stay Hands-Free and Carefree with Keebos

At Keebos, we believe that you should be hands-free and carefree. We’re committed to helping solve problems that phone users commonly experience while helping the world become a healthier place to live as well. Do you love the idea of never losing or dropping your phone, helping the environment, and having a special stash for your money? Want to see what all the fuss is about? Then get Keebos: the smartphone case with strap attached!


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