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What is a Lanyard Phone Case and Why Do I Need One? 2021

A lanyard Phone Case is rope or strap attached to a phone case, which is placed around the neck with the purpose for you to stay handsfree and carefree.  A lanyard can be used for a variety of fun and serious applications from home to the office, but a cell phone lanyard is functional and fashionable, and it will make your life a lot easier.  Have a look at 8 different benefits of using a Keebos lanyard phone case when out and about or even just to use it while in the house: 1. Your Phone is Close By and Accessible One of the biggest returns to wearing a cell phone lanyard is being able to have fast access to your phone whenever you...

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What is an iPhone Case with Neck Strap?

Since launching our phone cases with neck strap, a lot of customers have been asking what is an iPhone case with neck strap and how does it work? 1. What is a Phone Case with Neck Strap? If you have misplaced, dropped or lost your phone recently, then this phone case is definitely suited for you. The sturdy case comes with a 4-corner bumper protection and is connected to a soft but durable adjustable neck strap. Instead of having to hold your phone in your hands or squeezing it into a pocket that is often too small for the modern smartphones, you can just wear it around your neck. You can wear the cell phone neck strap like a necklace...

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Best Phone Case for Nurses, Doctors & Healthcare Workers 2021

The phone case that is made for any busy nurse, doctor and healthcare worker is not only super practical but also super innovative and cool - welcome to Keebos crossbody phone cases. Our handsfree crossbody phone case is the perfect accessory for our frontline heroes.  Welcome to Keebos. Since donating dozens of phone cases to frontline healthcare workers at the the Skyline Health Care Center in Los Angeles, we have gotten amazing feedback on the product being used in the healthcare setting. Phones & apps play an important role in today's healthcare environment. Therefore we want to make sure that nurses and doctors keep their devices close and accessible at all times. As you can see on the picture above, through...

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Keebos - The Best Cell Phone Lanyard Case 2021

Are you looking for the best Cell Phone Lanyard Case to keep you hands free and carefree?  You've found it, Keebos is here for you to make sure you never drop, misplace or lose your phone again.  Not only do Eva Longoria and other celebrities love their Keebos lanyard case, but publications such as People Mag, InTouch, Health Mag, Gadget Flow and many others have highly ranked for our cell phone lanyard case. Why do you need a lanyard cell phone holder? 1. Keep your Hands Free and Phone Easily Accessible No matter what you're doing if it's multitasking at work, riding a bike, going on a walk, playing with your puppy you usually want your phone accessible but your hands...

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