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Phone Necklace for iPhone 12

Phone Necklace for the iPhone 12  Are you currently looking for a phone necklace for the iPhone 12? You found it, we will be the first ones to add the case when the phone is out. Our phone necklaces for the iPhone 2020 are the perfect mix of fashion and functionality. They keep you handfree and carefree in any situation. The iPhone necklace for the brand new iPhone will help you keep your hands free and focus on the important things in life. Just put the cord around your neck and never drop you iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone Pro Max again. The lanyard easily adjustable and feels comfortable on your skin.  Phone Lanyard Case for iPhone 12...

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Crossbody Phone Case for iPhone 12

Crossbody Phone Case for the iPhone 12 Looking for a crossbody phone case for the iPhone 12? We will be the first ones to have them for you. According to rumors, Apple will release 4 different iPhone 12 sizes. We will have crossbody iPhone cases for all iPhone 12 models.   If you are tired of losing or dropping your iPhone 12 or iPhone Pro Max, make sure to get a cross-body iPhone case. The perfect mix of fashion and functionality. Coming soon for the brand new iPhone twelve.   Our iPhone 2020 Crossbody Cases comes has an adjustable lanyard so you can wear it closer to your body or more loose depending on your preference. It also comes with a chic wallet on...

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Best Dog Walker Accessories & Must-Haves in 2020

Especially right now with self-isolation you should still go on walks, while of course keeping social distance, so you want to be prepared. If you have a dog, you're forced to leave the house even more often. So here is a list of the best accessories for dog walkers.    1. Keebos Keebos crossbody phone cases will keep you handsfree on your dog walks. No pockets, purse or bag? No worries! The wallet on the back of the case keeps your cards and cash secured. And, depending on how you like to wear it, you can go crossbody or wear your phone like a necklace. Really, it's the perfect accessory for dog-walks.  2. Rover Dog Walking Tech Gloves If you're not in Los...

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Cell Phone Necklace for Elderly and Seniors

Looking for a Phone Necklace for Elderly? When you get older chances are high that you will drop your phone more often and also misplace it a few times a day (talking from my own parents experience). This why Keebos Phone Necklace Holder is the perfect phone accessory for older people and seniors. For Emergencies it's Better to Have the Phone Around Your Neck The Keebos crossbody phone case helps seniors keep their smartphone handy in case they need to contact a friend or family member in an emergency situation. For example, if someone were to fall, they'd have their phone right on their person, easily accessible. The Keebos case also has a 4-Bumper-Protection Technology, which keeps the phone even safer if...

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