Best Phone Case for Horse Riding

Best Phone Case for Horse Riding


Best Phone Accessory for Horse Riding

Winston Churchill once said, “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” We agree. There are few things more exhausting and more rewarding than horseback riding. That said, you should always have your phone on you when riding in case of an emergency. Read on to know why Keebos are the best way to carry your phone when riding a horse. 

1. Your Phone Won’t Be Trampled

cell phone case for horseback riding

Imagine this: you’re riding along a beautiful trail and you see a beautiful view that you just have to capture. You make sure your horse is calm and standing still before you snap the shot… but then you drop it. As it falls, your phone spooks your horse and your horse tramples it. There are several risks in this situation: phone damage and injury for you or your horse. 

With Keebos, you wouldn’t drop your phone in the first place. The crossbody design ensures that your phone is always right against your body. It’s adjustable, so you can keep it where you need it most. It’s a perfect choice for a horse riding phone case. 

2. Keep Your ID and Money Close

The wallet on the back of your Keebos allows you to keep your ID, credit cards, and cash with you. When you set out on the trail, you can pack light while still having everything that you need. (Who wants to add extra stuff to carry when you have so much tack to bring anyway?)

Have a parking fee for your vehicle and horse trailer? Need to pay for a permit so you can get access to a special wilderness area? Want to make a stop at a snack stand or outpost? With Keebos you’ll be able to pay for any of these. 

3. Tough Enough for Rough Riders


Equestrians have to be as tough (or tougher) as the majestic, strong horses they ride. Like you, Keebos are tough. They have 4-corner bumper protection that absorbs shock and impact to your phone. The case even has a 3-millimeter raised lip that protects your camera and front screen. 

Even the cord that your Keebos strap is made from features a reinforced core. The smooth premium fibers on the outside are suitable for even sensitive skin, to prevent chafing issues. The cord is 54 inches long, and the case features two strong connector rings so your phone will be safe at all times. 

4. You’ll Never Lose Your Grip


You already know you won’t be able to drop your phone with Keebos, but did you know that there’s a helpful elastic band on the back so you’ll never lose your grip? Like every other part of Keebos, it is made from high-quality materials and is as strong and luxurious as you’d expect. 

5. A Case in Nearly Every Color

We have a phone case in so many different colors and materials, it’ll make your head spin! Here are some of the options you have: 

  • Black with gold accents
  • All black
  • Woven red cord
  • Pine green with gold accents
  • All pink
  • Camo green with gold accents
  • Pink with gold accents
  • Gold chain
  • Onyx chain
  • Voyage (detachable strap)

6. They’re the Right Choice for Nature Lovers


As an equestrian, you spend a lot of time outdoors. You know better than most the importance of our natural resources. The Keebos promise is that with every phone purchase, our partner organization will plant one tree. We feel that trees are one of the greatest natural resources available to us, and we’re happy to do our part to preserve the environment. This cell phone case for horse back riding is a must-have!

We don’t stop at ensuring trees are planted, though. When we ship our phones, they always come in eco-friendly and biodegradable craft paper. We don’t use fancy colors or plastic because we believe that sustainability is another way we can help the earth. 

7. Keep Your Phone in Case of Emergency

cell phone case for horseback riding

The most important reason to get Keebos is so you’ll have it in case of emergency. It’s no secret that horseback riding is one of the most dangerous activities. Wise equestrians do well to hope for the best and prepare for the worst, which is why having your phone nearby is super important. If you get thrown from your horse, you’ll have instant access to your phone and you’ll be able to contact someone to pick you up. 

Keebos don’t just offer convenience, they offer safety. They’re a lifeline if you find yourself in a tight situation. Wear your phone, especially if you are riding alone. 

8. Crossbody Phone Case for iPhone and Samsung




We have Keebos for iPhone and Samsung, as far back as the iPhone 5/5S/SE First Generation and the Samsung S9 or S9 Plus. If you aren’t sure what iPhone you have, click this handy link to find out! Still not sure what your phone model is? Message us and we’ll figure it out together. Just don’t miss out on this amazing phone for horseback riding!

If you want to get Keebos for a friend but aren’t sure what type of phone they use (or what colors they’d prefer) we also offer gift cards. Whether your friends are fellow equestrians or more indoorsy, they’re sure to love Keebos!

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