What is the Best Phone Case for Realtors?

What is the Best Phone Case for Realtors?
Are you looking for the BEST phone case for working in real estate?
You've found it!
Many of our customers work in real estate and keep thanking us for our unique phone case. We did some research and asked them why they think it's the perfect accessory for working in real estate, and here are the..


Top 5 Reasons Why Keebos is the Best Phone Case for Real Estate

1. Handsfree While On The Go...

"I tend to talk a lot with my hands lol, and as real estate is becoming more digital I like the fact that I can interact comfortably with my clients in person while still having quick access to my phone" -Dean M. 

The Keebos phone case has a comfortable and adjustable strap attached to the phone case. This means you can wear your phone like a necklace around your neck. If you prefer you can also wear you phone crossbody like a purse. This will keep your hands free and will also keep you from misplacing and dropping your phone when working with a client. 


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2. Don't Misplace or Drop your Phone when Multitasking

" To be honest it's a really good talking point/ice breaker when meeting new people." Lisa R. 
When working in real estate you usually have to be multitasking. You talk to clients, drive and walk around a lot, prepare and show documents, all while having your phone close. With Keebos you will comfortably have your phone around your neck and won't have to worry about your phone at any time. 

3. Phone Always Accessible for Calls and Texts 

Phone are becoming more important for the job. Whether it's calling someone, looking for a location or using a specific real estate app. You always need your phone close and accessible.


The elastic strap on the wallet part of the case, makes it easy to hold your phone in one hand. As seen in the picture below, this will make it so much easier to hold your smartphone, especially as they are getting bigger. 


4. Business cards in the wallet

"I stack the back with business cards and my re license. It’s a good divide between business on the Keebos and personal cards/ids in wallet." - Chelsie B.

Our real estate agent phone case has wallet in the back that hold up to 7 cards plus cash. This is a real game-changer. Now can you easily store your and your clients business cards in your phone case. 


5. Stay in Style with this Realtor Phone Case

"A lot less fiddling with my jeans and suit pockets. Keebos looks fresh casually and fresh in a suit. At my office everyone agrees that it's the best realtor phone case" - Andrew K. 

This real estate phone case is not only super functional it's also very fashionable. It will get you compliments and make it easier to break the ice with new clients. Many celebrities love their Keebos crossbody case. 



If you work in real estate this is definitely the best phone case to help you stay productive and undistracted in your day to day job, all while looking fabulous at the same time. We have many different phone lanyard styles and colors, so you can choose a phone case that matches your style the best. 


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