The Best Phone Case for Moms with Twins, Triplets & Quadruplets

The Best Phone Case for Moms with Twins, Triplets & Quadruplets

The Best Phone Case for Mom’s with Their Troop!

Do you ever find yourself with your hands full, enjoying life as a new mum with your babies while suddenly finding yourself out of reach from your cell in the case of an emergency?

We often forget how important our phones can be when it comes to contacting people in need, answering important incoming calls or accessing the key tools of Siri/Cortana/Google. For example; making use of setting a hands-free timer.

phone case for triplet moms and twin moms

Nobody understands this more than Keebos, who are here to provide you with the best phone case for moms with twins, triplets, quadruplets and more. Or less. Moms, we salute you.

phone case for moms with twins, triplets and quadruplets

1. They’re Fashion Icons

Keebos’ phone cases offer stylish designs with customizable straps in different colors. Not to mention you can wear it how you like. Many celebrities have been pictured using the phone case and straps styled as a crossbody holder. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own stylistic twists to suit your needs as a busy mom!Try the necklace look with the black strap and gold features or try the belt holder with the gorgeous Venice style (a deep vine green with gold accents).


2. Where Functionality Thrives

The most important part of the Keebos design, is making sure that our phone case holders and cords are built with functionality in mind. With busy moms of triplets, you’ve got quite a hand-full and this proves to be the best phone case for moms on the market.

Not only is it a fashion icon, it keeps your phone close to you at all times, safe from prying hands in the public or at home. The cord is durable, soft and comfortable, it has multiple ways to be worn, it offers an extra holder for cards, features an adjustable strap and has a finger loop to easily hold the phone and prevent falls.

Where else could you find such a functional part of life you never even knew you were missing. This also makes Keebos the perfect gift for quadruplet, triplet and twin moms.

phone case for moms with triplets



3. Keeping Your Phone Away from Curious Fingers

Even if you live in the loveliest of neighborhoods, in the beautiful suburbs, it doesn’t mean you’ll never travel out to somewhere that might have some sticky fingers. Moms of the world with babies, twins, triplets, quadruplets all the way up to the famous moms of octuplets (superheroes), you have your hands full already.
And, the last thing you want is to look into your purse only to find your phone is no longer there. The Keebos phone case provides you with peace of mind and security for emergencies; it’s always just a reach away.

Even if you’re at home with the little ones and the curious eyes draw them to your phone, it is not as easy for them to take the phone and run away to their room. When your phone is secured around your neck you don’t need to worry about the phone going out of sight.

What would you do if one of your littles ones accidentally started dialing out to your boss!


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4. An All-In-One Solution

The best phone case for moms was designed with you in mind; functionality, design, comfort, lightweight case, card holder, finger loop and style; it fit’s every occasion.

Here at Keebos, we couldn’t simply create functionality without sprinkling in a bit style, and that’s why we have a range of beautiful color and patterns for each mom to choose from.

With each design comes its own personality and occasion. Each Keebos crossbody phone case is named after a street in beautiful Venice, California. Check them out:

Sunset – The perfect sleek design for special occasions

Midnight – A stealthy look for your everyday essentials

Abbot Kinney – Lay it down with the fashionable militant mom look

Venice – Go next level haute couture rich colors

Beach – Mom of many and mom of Malibu beach

Flower – On Wednesdays, we wear pink

And, there you have it, from relaxing on your baby beach vacation to dining out and wishing luck to the sitter, you’re covered with Keebos’ specially designed best phone case for moms.

best phone case for triplets twins and quadruplets parents 

5. Accident Prone Cell’s will Prosper No More



If you’re out and about but you don’t want to take your bag, do you ever find yourself at a loss for where to put your phone?

There’s no need to beat around the bush, every woman loves the freedom of yoga pants, and that’s no exception to the superwomen with quadruplets, moms of triplets, moms with twins or a mom of one perfect angel.

Not to mention pants with pockets that are too small to hold anything! What are they really there for anyway? Loose nickels? The amount of times our phones have wriggled.

their way out of our back, front side and hidden pockets only to fly out onto the sidewalk and crack the screen.

Luckily, with the best phone case for moms by Keebos, you can travel around hands free and stress free knowing that your phone is safely stored around your neck.


6. Peace of Mind

Often simply knowing that your phone is close can be a stress reliever for so many moms.

Moms of twins, triplets and quadruplets all have the day laid out; keep the angels happy and don’t collapse. Often, there’s a need to access a phone and send a quick message to friends, families, work colleagues or the sitter (fingers crossed they can still make it!).

It can make moms feel closer to their friends and back in the adult world. So, make sure your Keebos phone case keeps your phone close to you at all times.

Not to mention the importance of having your phone in arms reach in the case of an emergency. When one child has their fingers in the toilet, the other is trying to eat the cat, you’re getting one of them dressed and the other one? Well, they’ve disappeared into the abyss of laundry.

With your phone on you and your voice control turned on, you can be hands-free dialing out for dad’s help or asking your friends to keep you sane with your Keebos best phone case for moms.


7. Your Favorite Celebs Have Tried Them, So Why Don’t You?





So many celebrities have already been pictured wearing our Keebos crossbody phone cases to show off the style and functionality. Eva Longoria, Jaci Marie, Lauren Vee and Larissa Chehuen just to name a few.

Eva Longoria in particular has been out posing with her new Keebos crossbody phone case with her stroller.

So, why wouldn’t you give it a go? You already know how useful they can be in any scenario and how stylish they are for every occasion. The best phone case for moms with twins, moms of triplets and moms sporting quadruplets is out there for you to try.


8. You’ll be Saving the World One Keebos At a Time

And, now we’re onto the best part of all. With every purchase of a Keebos crossbody phone case, wallet phone case, sunglasses strap or any of our products at Keebos, we can plant a tree 🌲.


We work hand-in-hand with partner organization One Tree Planted to make sure we do our part to keep our planet green and thriving.


There are the 6 pillars of reforestation that have been developed for organizations across the globe, and we are proud to say that we contribute towards the elements that keep our globe turning.

🌲Social Impact




So, the best phone case for moms Is also the best cell phone case for our plant: functionality, style and green rejuvenation.

      And, there you have it: 8 simple reasons why the Keebos is the best phone case for moms with twins, the best phone case for moms of triplets, the best phone case for women with quadruplets and the best phone case for you.
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        phone case for moms with quadruplets
        "Look ma, no hands! With the Crossbody Phone Case from Keebos, you can keep your phone with you without having to hold it in your hand. No need for a purse, bag, or pockets, when you have this phone case!" -

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