"Hold up - Hold my Phone": Why Drake Urgently Needs a Keebos Phone Necklace Case


Fun fact: Drake needs a Keebos phone necklace case! Here’s why. (also scroll all the way down to see all of drakes custom necklaces and chains). 

phone necklace drake

1) Drake group DMs his exes



What phone does Drake have? Drake has an iPhone 12 Pro. With a Keebos phone necklace for iPhone, you’re always able to drop a message (and not your phone) to your loved ones. 

2) With his phone up gotta hit them angles

Snap that perfect shot of the sunset by having your phone handy and your finger in the elastic strap on the back of the case. This is really a drake cell phone case.


3) She used to call me on my cell phone

Never forget about calling your mom, or girl, again - keep your hands free for a stress-free life


4) His side girl got a 5S with the screen cracked

This wouldn’t have happened if your girl had a Keebos. The Drake iPhone case secures your phone right around your neck, or cross-body like a purse. Hope she upgraded her phone by now...


5) 100 million hands-free like Ronaldinho:

Keebos support hands-free, stress-free living, so you can focus on achieving your dreams!



A recent analysis actually shows that on his 22-track More Life album, Drake references cellphones ten times - indicative of a slight phone addiction. Also, the fact that he bought a $400,000 diamond-studded case for his phone shows how highly he values his phone! 

By the way: Have you ever wondered ‘which phone does Drake have’? Back in the day, he rapped about losing his Blackberry on a trip to Mexico - with his hottest verses on it. If you happen to find it, give us a call ;-) (who still actually calls people?)

Of course, we’ve also checked the Gram to see what Drake’s been up to. A few observations:

  1. He definitely has an iPhone: 1. Posing in the club, 2. Watching youtube videos in a restaurant, 3. Texting
  2. Buuuut we also scrolled a little further and actually found THIS proof of his Blackberry. 
  3. In his recently released track ‘Money in the Grave’ he even refers to him having two phones: ‘I got two phones, one need a charge’ - wooow that’s some serious phone addiction!

So Drake, if you’re reading this, it’s not too late for you to rock your new Keebos iPhone necklace Case! 


P.S.: He’s not the only one showing signs of an iPhone addiction! Adele and The Weeknd can’t get enough of their phones either! I think we discovered a serious market gap.

P.P.S.: Drake just dropped the album Care Package and it's amazing! 

- Guest Blog is written by Anouk L. 

Drakes Chains and Necklaces

1. Drake's Heart Necklace


According to DailyMail  Drake spent 1 Million on his 100 carat customized heart necklace. They were handcrafted by the famous jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills.

2. OVO 100 Carat Owl Chain


According to HighSnobiety Arasheben or "Jason of Beverly Hills" made the OVO Owl chain - a kilo of gold and over 100 carats of cut diamonds. 

3. Colored OVO Owl Chain


According to RapUp Drakes colorful OVO owl chain cost 120K and was made by famous Los Angeles based Jeweler Ben Baller.  "It features the label’s famous owl logo and mascot with a Hermès link chain, ice blue eyes, golden wings, and bright pink accents. All around, the solid gold piece reportedly includes 40 carats of ice blue, canary, and white VVS diamonds. According to TMZ, it cost $120,000 and was designed by IF & Co."

4. Drake's Stone Island Chain 


According to TMZ  Drake's Stone Island Chain was also made by Ben Baller and cost around 100K. "We're told the piece features black, green, and canary yellow diamonds with 880 grams of gold."

5. Drakes Diamond "O" Chain


According to UpScaleHyper Drakes O chain was made during his album Views. He rocked it during his interview with Nardwuar. 

7. Drakes OVO x OTF Chain from Lil Durk


This OVO x OTF chain was gifted to Drake by Lil Durk, after their hit record "Laugh Now Cry Later". 


Get your Keebos phone necklace today!

drake phone necklace chain case

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