Phone Necklace Holder Cases for All iPhones - The Hottest Fashion Trend of 2022

iPhone necklace case Keebos
Yes, it's true, phone necklace holders are the newest bizarre phone trend of 2019. As increasingly seen on the streets of West Los Angeles, and as mentioned in Business Insider, Sheen Magazine, Glitter Magazine, FashionistaThe StyleEditrix and Vibe with Ade it’s super convenient, trendy and a new better way to carry your phone.
After testing many different ideas, materials, and colors; plus receiving so much amazing feedback from our customers, Keebos finally made the perfect iPhone necklace holder. Here are the reasons why people love this new trend:

1. Keebos Phone Necklace Cases for iPhone Are Convenient

Have you ever dropped or lost your phone? Tried to take a phone call while on a bike? Squeezed an iPhone 8 Plus into a small pocket? Went to the beach and didn’t know where to put your phone? Not anymore! Our iPhone necklace holder definitely helps you in these situations!


Phone Necklace Holder Keebos

2. Keebos Are Comfortable & Easy To Adjust

Whether you like wearing it as a crossbody phone case or as a phone necklace, you can just pull on both ends of the strap to adjust the length. The soft but durable material is light and feels soft on your skin.


keebos abbot kinney iphone necklace holder

3. Cardholder for Credit Cards and Cash

With the phone necklace holder, you can bring your phone, credit cards, and cash and therefore don’t need to bring your purse or a bag, hands-free and carefree!

iPhone necklace with Popsocket

4. Keebos Phone Necklace Holders Are Fashionable

Keebos phone necklace holders for iPhone are a real eye-catcher. Our customer love wearing Keebos at festivals, fashion shows and on nights out. You're guaranteed to get a comment, questions compliment about the crossbody phone case.


phone necklace trend keebos

5. Smart Phones Are Getting Bigger!

As smartphones keep on getting BIGGER in size so they become harder to hold in one hand, which leads to dropping and breaking your phone more often. This also means that it's harder to stash your iPhone into smaller pockets in your jacket, pants or purses. With a phone necklace holder, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.



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Would this work for a motorcycle, so I can take pictures while I’m riding😊

Kathy Bartling

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