Iphone necklace case with strap with card holder
easily adjustable Iphone necklace case with strap beach
Iphone necklace case with strap with card holder
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iPhone Necklace - Beach

iPhone Necklace - Beach

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Ever lost or dropped your phone? Never again!

✨Just place your iPhone into the sleek phone case, pull the strap ends to adjust the size, and start wearing your phone crossbody or as a necklace. 

✨Made for those who love to combine style with functionality. 

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Product Details

Size 📏The cord is easily adjustable to choose the perfect size depending on how you prefer to wear it (crossbody phone case or necklace).

Cord 📿 The Premium cord is made with a strong core so you never have to worry about it tearing apart. 

Card Pocket 💳There is a sealable cardholder on the back of the case for you to securely store your credit cards, IDs, and cash.
Case 📱The 4-corner bumper protection absorbs shock and impact. The case comes with a 3mm raised lip to protect your screen and camera. 
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About Keebos

Our phone necklace case is the perfect accessory for care-free living. Whether walking your puppy, carrying shopping bags, traveling to new places or going out with friends, Keebos keep your iPhone readily accessible for calls and snaps. Our phone straps help you keep your phone close without having to bring a bag or trying to squeeze it into a pocket that's just not meant for a big smartphone. 


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The iPhone pictured is not included with your purchase of the crossbody phone case. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for any lost or stolen phones. Minor scratches may occur from rings attached to the phone case. iPhone crossbody case is available for iPhone 6,  iPhone 6 Plus,  iPhone 7,  iPhone 7 Plus,  iPhone 8,  iPhone 8 Plus,  iPhone X,  iPhone X Max,  iPhone Xr. Free Shipping.
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