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10 Accessories That Help You Stay Organized | Travel Accessories | Organizing Products

In a modern day and age where tech has allowed for everything to shrink into the size of convenience, why do we still carry around these large bags full to the brim with unnecessary items? Especially when there are perfect travel accessories on the market that help with organizing products.

top accessories that help you stay organized

Here at Keebos, we’ve decided to put together a list of travel accessories to complement each other and allow you to carry necessities without needing a bag.

Not only that, but we’ve toned up the heat and we’ve made sure these accessories will help you stay organized! So, what are you waiting for? Here’s 10 accessories that help you stay organized when out and about!

1. Keebos Crossbody Phone Case


accesssories that help you stay organized

Of course, we couldn’t miss out the star of the show here at Keebos. Our specially designed phone cases let you choose how you want to wear them: necklace, cross-body case or even as a belt.
It’s made with durable and stylish materials to fit your needs day or night and has an extra pouch on the back. This pouch is a wallet to store cash, cards or anything else for your day-to-day missions!
Not only this, but the back of the case also features an elastic finger strap so you can multitask your day away without worrying about dropping your cell and finding a cracked screen.
Check out our other blog; “The best Phone Case for Mom’s with their Troop!” to find out more.

2. AtomXS Emergency Charger


Have you ever found yourself traveling downtown on your way to an important meeting only for your phone to cut out? Maps can be a nightmare for draining your battery life. But, if you had this small and sleek emergency charger, you wouldn’t have to worry!

The AtomXS offers a lightweight alternative to power banks, with a sleek ergonomic  design and retractable charging tip. Small enough to blend in with your keys, it’ll become one of those perfect organizing products that you just can’t live without. Simply choose your 2 hours or 3 hours of emergency charge to stay organized.

The wallet phone case is much like the crossbody phone case but without the strap; so, you can keep your phone safely stored in your pocket with your cash in check.

At a cheaper price than the crossbody phone case, it’s going to become a key part of your EDC (everyday carry) without having to lug a bag that can be left, forgotten or find unwanted hands inside of it.

The case features four bumper corners for extra protection, cute designs, a wallet that can hold up to 7 cards or cash, and an elastic finger strap for your one-handed needs.

Plus, each phone case purchase equals a tree planted. Click here to find out more!

4. KeySmart Mossy Oak Key Organizer





This must be one of our favorite products and couldn’t be missed off of our 10 accessories to help you stay organized.

Organization involves being prepared for any situation without the need for large items that need to jingle all the way or get hauled upstate.

That’s why the KeySmart solution of having all your keys stored into one compact organizer is the perfect tool. Never get poked again, save space, never listen to the jingle of keys and keep them inside a stylishly lightweight case!

5. ASOS Water Bottle Cage





Staying organized doesn’t always mean having tools; it includes wellbeing and health, too. That’s why our Keebos team wanted to remind you to drink water (2.5L in a day to be exact).

So, one of the accessories you need to stay organized is a water bottle holder. When you don’t want to carry round a bag, you still need your water bottle but unfortunately, the ant-sized pockets on our pants won’t fit a bottle.

Otherwise, get your hands on an affordable yet stylish crossbody water bottle cage like this one on sale at ASOS. It’ll pair perfectly with your Keebos Phone Necklace Case!

6. Keebos Sunglass Straps






Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the theme park and you have to leave your bag with your valuables somewhere and then when you’re on the ride, your sunglasses fall off, too? This is why our 10 accessories that help you stay organized are all about ditching the bag, staying minimalistic and keeping your valuables where they belong.

    This is where the Keebos Sunglass Straps come in; simply find your favorite sunglasses (you can wear these now as they won’t fall off), slip the small metal loop onto the frame and you’re golden.

    Our sunglass straps are comfortable, durable, stylish, sleek and have golden accents for a hint of haute couture. To top it off, they’re made with vegan materials so there’s no harm to our perfect planet.

    7. Skullcandy Indy True Wireless Earbuds





    Here’s a bit of top tech that won’t break the bank. These Skullcandy wireless earbuds provide sleek, discreet and secure ways to listen to your favorite book, tunes or even practice a presentation.

    Being able to drone-out the world on the go is vital for mental health and wellbeing, especially when stuck on a busy commute. Plus, with wireless tech, your outfit isn’t compromised, you have your affordable accessory and you can stay organized in whichever way helps you to do so.

    These particular earbuds are water resistant, have 16 hours of battery life, come in a compact case which is pocketable (even in the ant-sized pockets) and use stability ear gels for a secure fit. You simply can’t pass them up!

    8. Liberty London Travel Perfume Atomizer





    Sometimes being organized is a state of mind. It is being ready to walk through the doors for a meeting and not face feeling uncomfortable like you’ve forgotten something.

    So, we at Keebos know that a great way to remain confident and organized is to keep perfume on you; you know you’ll smell amazing and studies show that pleasant and recognizable scents can help keep you calm in stressful situations.

    That’s why we’ve selected a gorgeous Liberty London Travel Perfume Atomizer that is sleek and compact for your everyday needs. Of course, there are more affordable options, but this one was super cute! Have a look at the atomizer market and you could find yourself relaxing in no time!

     9. Swarovski Crystal Lake Watch



    Here’s a bit of top tech that might break the bank.

    A watch is one of the best travel accessories to help stay organized. When we’re out and about needing to keep track of time; be it a lunch break, meeting a friend, travel timetable, restaurant booking, parking meter charges and more.

      So, don’t skimp on an accessory you should keep and treasure. This Swarovski Crystal Lake Watch is a result of Swiss watchmaking with minimalistic and beautiful design. But, a watch is your personality; find which watch speaks to you and strap it on!

      10. XSuit XMask Mesh


      Right now, we’re in unprecedented times where masks are the new normal accessory. There are silk masks, designer masks and also home-made masks that don’t fit because you’re still mommy’s little angel in her eyes.

      But, in order to stick with the trends, stay safe and be organized for whatever is thrown your way, the Keebos team feel it’s our duty to mention masks.

      It was never going to be forgotten in the 10 accessories that help to stay organized because it is now part of everyone’s EDC.

      So, check out this XSuit XMask Mesh that is unisex, will match any outfit, has 95% filtering and is machine washable. It will also protect against pollen and cigarette smoke, so you might finally be able to kiss goodbye to the Spring Benadryl!


      So, there you have it. 10 accessories that help you to stay organized when out and about! Don’t forget to check out our other blogs at Keebos for tips, tricks and style nicks!


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