Top 10 New Must-Have Functional iPhone Gadgets in 2022 (Gadget Gift Guide)

Are you looking for new cool and practical iPhone Gadgets this year? Whether you need one for yourself or a present to mom, dad, friends or other loved ones--we did the work for you! Below are the best 10 must-have iPhone gadgets for 2022. See this Phone Gadget Gift Guide:

1. REVIVE Charging Cable Bracelet

Charge your phone away from home with the REVIVE Charging Cable Bracelet. Created to be worn around your wrist, these wearable charging cables make sure you will never forget your charger at home again. This genuine leather REVIVE bracelet comes with three connector options including micro USB, USB-C and Lightning. Likewise, the leather charging cable bracelet can charge your iPhone or Android devices. Moreover, the REVIVE bracelet is connected by magnetic clasps that come in different colors. The water-resistant bracelet is available in multiple sizes for a good fit, ranging from S to XL. We love that REVIVE donates a portion of their proceeds to The Little Sun Foundation, a charity that provides solar-powered lights to communities in need.

2. Keebos Crossbody Phone Case

Gadget flow describes it best: "If you’ve been looking for a better way to carry your phone, this is it." Keebos Crossbody Cell Phone case comes with a wallet for cards & cash and can be worn as a crossbody case or as an iPhone necklace. According to Gadget Vibes " Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better: the Keebos case even has an elastic strap to help you hold your phone in any situation." Lastly Gadget User says " Once you try the crossbody phone case, you will never again want to leave home without it." This sleek and stylish phone case keeps you hands-free and carefree by holding your phone with a strong, yet comfortable cord! Keebos cases are available in 6 colors:
Matte Black
Flower Pink
Woven Red

3. Fuse Snap Back Charging Cable Winder

Thanks to the Fuse Snap Back Charging Cable Winder, you can now finally stop untangling your cords. This clever gadget snaps to your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook charging block. This means that you can wind your cord around it. It has the perfect amount of space for your cord to fit and has a slot for the end to sit in. It is available in 5-watt, 12-watt, 18-watt, and 30-watt sizes. You can even choose a white iPad charger winder to blend in with the brick or select black if you want the Snap Back to stand out. This really helps your purse from becoming a mess and make you stay organized. 

4. Lookstand - Tall Phone Stand

A must-have iPhone gadget. It’s really compact, so you can always have the Lookstand Tall Pocket Phone Stand by your side. No more leaning your phone up against a cup or another unstable item on your table. What's cool is that this smartphone stand is also a tripod, kickstand, and selfie stick.. all in one! Now you will always get great self recorded videos and group photos. Just imagine the cool timelapse videos you can capture with this pocket tripod. The Lookstand extends to seven inches tall, so you can improve your posture and make life more convenient with the multi-use phone stand. 

5. Tile - Get Alerts When You Leave Something Behind

Are you someone that loses their keys, phone, wallet etc. a lot? Don't worry, most of us do! With tile you can always track where all your belongings are. From Tile's website:
“Not only would my things be lost without Tile, but I would be too. Time is everything to me and Tile gives me back every second that I spend saying “where did I leave…!”
"Our family of finders and handy Tile app mean that now everything can be found." - Lara, Oakland CA

6. Snoppa Atom 3-Axis Foldable Phone Gimbal

Have you ever wanted to capture smooth footage while using your phone? Now with the Snoppa Atom 3-Axis Foldable Smartphone Gimbal it's easier than ever.. The pocket-sized device is portable thanks to its unique and smart folding design. Weighing just 15.5 ounces, it comes with a payload of up to 11 ounces, making it suitable for almost any phone. In addition, the smartphone gimbal operates for up to 24 hours on a single charge. Also you can easily charge your smartphone wirelessly while using Atom. Thinking about wired charging? The With Snoppa the charging cable will not affect gimbal stabilization or the phone mounting. The built-in microphone interface makes it compatible with third-party microphones, offering better audio quality for your videos. The buttons on the device easily enable you to control the gimbal’s functions and app. The buttons can also be used to control your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. A must-have gadget. 

7. Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim USB-C Charger Fits in Hard-to-Reach Outlets

Do you know those wall outlets that are impossible to reach and use? Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim USB-C Charger finally helps you make use of them again. At just over half an inch thick, this super thin wall charger fits in almost any tight outlet space. That unusable wall outlet stuck next to your bed? You can fit this slim wall charger there without struggling. This little iPhone charger offers fast charging for tablets & smartphones, and it can even charge a 12″ MacBook in 2 hours. Whether Android or Apple device this charger will help you power it up. Another must-have gadget this year!

8. AUKEY 360º Vehicle Phone Mount - Rotates & Adjusts Perfectly

Are you ever driving while being on your phone? Most of us unfortunately are. This is why This AUKEY HD-C49 360º Vehicle Phone Mount really helps with this challenge - being on your phone while driving. This is also why this makes the perfect Gadget Gift for 2022. It’s never safe to be distracted while being behind the wheel. With this mount, your phone stays in the right position, helping you easily keep an eye on your GPS. This smart phone mount has an arm that adjusts 90 degrees for personal preference. Along with that, the phone mount come with a 360-degree rotation function. Depending if you want your phone horizontal, vertical or diagonal, AUKEY mount makes it easy to adjust it. You can simply mount it to a flat spot on your dashboard and windshield. It also comes with a sticker to help it stick to curved surfaces in your car. 

9. Wearsafe Tag Personal Panic Button - No subscription fee

Many other safety devices that we found require a subscription fee, but the Wearsafe doesn’t!  That means this mobile panic button will help you stay safe no matter at all times. Whether a run, hike, shopping, walk, or trip across the globe, the tag is there with you. When feeling unsafe, just  press the big button on this safety device. When you do that, your recipients immediately receive your location, and audio begins streaming to them. And you don’t have to look at your iPhone at all. That’s because this little gadget vibrates when your alert is sent and also ensures you feel its motion when your alert is viewed. The Wearsafe app offers group chat and emergency services to help you stay safe. 

10. Lifeprint 3 x 4.5 Portable Photo Printer - Print Wirelessly From Your Phone

Sometimes it just makes a big difference to see a photo printed compared to staring at it on a screen. Lifeprint makes this easy, it is a Bluetooth photo and video printer for iPhone and Android that lets you to print and share photos. Digital Trends called it the "Best ZINK Printer," Lifeprint uses Augmented Reality to make your photos come to life like magic in your hands, the company calls this 'Hyperphoto™'. 
Let us know if we are missing any cool or must-have gadgets for this year!
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