Best 7 Hacks for Retail Workers

Best 7 Hacks for Retail Workers

Best Tricks & Tips Hacks for Retail Workers

Anyone who’s worked in retail knows it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a stressful job (especially around the holidays) and the customer is not always right, despite what they say. It can be tough out there, so we scoured the internet to find the seven best hacks for working in retail.

Read on to find out the best tricks for retail workers!

1. Stash Important Info When You’re Starting Out


You can write your user ID/passwords for your computer on the back of your name tag until you memorize them. You can also keep a list of phone extensions for each department by your workstation, along with the extension for management in the back office.

Write down scheduled workdays when the schedule is posted, along with the time you clock in and out. You can also store this information on your phone if you’d like.


2. Get to Know Your Customer


Don’t just show your customers the same popular products: ask probing questions (or make observations based on their style). The more you tailor your customer service to them, the more likely you will make a sale. If you have regulars, talk to them about their family and interests.

Smile often and demonstrate products without being pushy about it. If someone doesn’t need help, give them your name so they can ask for help later. Be friendly and talkative, especially if they’ve been waiting in line for some time. People are less irritable when you’re friendly. 

3. Help Your Coworkers When You Can


Listen for announcements so that you can help other cashiers. Try to be as helpful to your coworkers as you are to customers. One day you may need their help, and people are more willing to help when the person has already helped them.

Sweep the floor when needed, even if it’s not your job. Help put sizes in order, periodically wipe off the shelves and compliment your coworkers and the management. Treat your coworkers with the same respect and kindness you give to your customers and boss. 

4. Know How to Deal with Rude Customers


If a customer is irritated because they had to wait in a long line, listen sympathetically, smile, and be talkative with them. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get them into a better mood. Customers that are extremely rude (to get a discount or just to be mean) may need to be dealt with differently.

If you encounter a customer who is unreasonable and escalates the situation despite your best efforts to be patient, call security or ask them to leave the store. Try not to take these interactions personally. 

5. Be Organized and Prepared for Anything

Getting to work early is a good way to show that you’re reliable. Learn your daily tasks as soon as possible and try to get them done before your boss needs to ask you to do them. It can be helpful to carry at least one pen, a small notepad, and a box cutter.

If you find that there are other tools that would be helpful to keep with you, make sure you always have them too. 

6. Perfect Your Work Hustle (Work Quickly)


Working quickly can have an extremely positive effect on those around you - whether it be coworkers, management, or customers. A customer who’s waited in a long line will be less likely to be irritated if they see you hustle rather than if they see you performing your tasks slowly.

It sends a signal to them, “This line is long but the cashier is doing everything they can to help me.” Fellow employees will be happy to work with someone who is hardworking, bosses will be glad to see your initiative, and customers will be happy you are working quickly.

7. Keebos: The Retail Hack You Need

best hack for retail workers

hacks for retail workers

Retail can be an extremely unpredictable job. You walk into work expecting to sell clothing, but sometimes the customers have other ideas, or an emergency comes up and you need to contact someone right away.



Whether you need to dial 911 because a customer is having a medical emergency or you need to call security to take a belligerent customer off the premises, you’ll want to have your phone nearby. That’s where Keebos phone cases come in. 

Keebos are fantastic for retail workers because they’re the best way to keep your phone close and accessible in case you need it. If you need to look up a product, you can do it without needing to return to the register or computer. Every Keebos crossbody phone case also comes with a handy wallet, where you can keep your ID, along with your important info like user ID, passwords, and extension numbers. We have phone cases for iPhone and Samsung users, so get yours today!

hacks for retail workers

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