Best Cell Phone Purse in 2024

Best Cell Phone Purse in 2024
If you are tired of dropping, misplacing and losing your phone, you urgently need a cell phone purse.
It will always help you stay handsfree and carefree in style.

6 Reasons Why you Need a Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

1. Never Drop or Lose Your Phone Again


If we are being honest, we have all at least once dropped our phone and cracked our screens. Most days, we at least once misplaced our phone and get a quick shock when we can't find it. I have personally also lost a few phones, which is the worst especially if the phone isn't backed up. This is why the Keebos phone purse is such a great accessory, that helps you to not crack your screen anymore or lose your cell phone. 


2. Wallet Purse Phone Case - Have Your Phone Accessible

Nowadays we always need our phones. Whether we want to take a quick photo, work from our phone or spend time on social media apps, we are constantly reliant on this technology. With Keebos cell phone purse, it doesn't matter what you do your phone will always be safe and close to you. So now you can multitask at your work place, go on a stroll or ride you bike, and you'll have your phone accessible but your hands free. 

The best part is since you can store up to 7 cards and cash in the phone case accessory, you won't have to bring your purse when you leave the house. The wallet is sealable so all of your belongings stay 100% safe. Many customers rage about how their Keebos has been a life changer for them. If you don't need the strap, check out our wallet phone purse here.


3. Celebrities Love Their Cell Phone Purse Wallet


Many celebrities love their Keebos. Eva Longoria, Tori Spelling, Maria Menounos and more love their crossbody phone case. It's a fashionable and chic accessory that helps you stay handsfree everyday, no matter the occasion. There are various amazing colors, so you can decide which looks the best on you. Not only is the case convenient but it will also guarantee you to get compliments. 


Above you see actress Tori Spelling with her Keebos crossbody phone wallet case. The perfect mix of fashion and functionality.  

4. Handsfree Life for Different Activities.


There are so many activities where Keebos will help you stay handsfree and make your life easier! Just to mention a few: hiking, biking, running, yoga, traveling, babysitting, riding a scooter, going to a bar, going shopping, going to the beach, riding a horse, going to a festival and many more. Really a must-have accessory for anyone that leaves their house more than once a week. We promise you will love your smartphone purse case. 

5. One Tree is Planted for Each Product Purchased


For each Keebos purchased, one tree is planted through the partner organization One Tree Planted. There are various great benefits to our environment when planting trees. You can read about all of the benefits on our Promise Page. All of our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. We are based in Venice, California and ship all our products from here. 

6. Cell Phone Purse Holder - Perfect for Multitaskers


 If you are a multitaskers and always need an extra pair of hands, then Keebos is really perfect for you. Our cell phone purse is easily adjustable, this makes it easy to wear your phone like a necklace, or crossbody like a purse. As pictured above you can see the handsfree benefits of Keebos. Really a must have purse case!

If you have any questions or feedback just reach out to us via chat or leave a comment below. 

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