The Best Designer Crossbody Phone Case - 2024


Are you looking for a designer crossbody phone case?

Look no further: Keebos are elegant, designer crossbody cases that are fully functional and fabulous. Celebrities love that they’re stylish and they come in several colors.

They keep your phone and valuables safe and are compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones. They’re also eco-friendly and sustainable. Read on to know more about why Keebos are the best designer crossbody case!

Celebrities Love How Stylish They Are


If you didn’t catch our last article about all the celebrities that love Keebos, allow us to summarize. Eva Longoria, Tori Spelling, Maria Menounos, Elizabeth Weber, Scarlett Johansson, and Domitilia Barros all have at least one Keebos phone case! 


Eva, Tori, and Domitilia have Sunset cases. Elizabeth has a Royal Gold Chain Keebos and Maria Menounos has a Midnight Case. Eva’s second Keebos phone case is her Flower case. 

It doesn’t stop with celebrities, though. Keebos have been featured in several magazines and by media outlets too. Keebos is also a hit with influencers and normal people who are busy in their everyday lives. After all, doesn’t everyone want to be hands-free and carefree? We know we do!



Keebos Come in Lots of Colors

All you need to do is look at our Keebos crossbody phone case page to see how many colors Keebos can come in. Our phone cases currently come in the following colors: 

  • All black (Midnight)
  • Black and gold (Sunset)
  • Woven red (Beach)
  • Pine green (Venice)
  • Camo green (Abbott Kinney)
  • All pink (Rose)
  • Pink and gold (Flower)
  • Gold chain (Royal)
  • Onyx chain (Royal)
  • Detachable strap with a black case (Voyage)
  • Detachable strap with a clear case (Clear Voyage)


best designer phone case crossbody phone case

Fun fact: Did you know that our cases are named after streets in Venice, California?

Keebos Keep You from Dropping Your Phone

If you’re in the market for a designer phone case, chances are you’re a very busy person. The last thing you need to worry about is where your phone is all the time. If you can keep it on you, you won’t even need to worry about dropping it. That’s a relief since the average American drops their phone on the ground at least 4 times a week


designer crossbody iphone case

No wonder people love Keebos: it helps keep your phone safe while being stylish and cute. No more cracked screens! It also has a nice elastic band on the back to allow you to hold onto your phone. The elastic band looks elegant while allowing you to keep your grip, so you won’t drop your phone on your face in bed. (There’s nothing classy about getting smacked in the face by your own phone.) 


Keebos are Durable and Strong

We make sure our Keebos are as long-lasting as they are chic. Keebos use premium cords with a reinforced core. They also have strong connector rings, and the case itself has four-corner bumper protection. There’s also a 3-millimeter raised lip on the case to protect your front screen and camera. 

The Wallet Keeps Your Valuables Safe

One of the best things about Keebos is that it keeps your ID and credit cards safe too. There’s a handy wallet on the back that allows you to store up to 6 cards and cash in the back of your wallet. For a better look at the wallet we have on the back of our phones, click the link. 

Compatible with iPhone and Samsung

We’re not here to talk about the great iPhone vs. Samsung debate. What we are here to say is that, no matter what side you align with, we’ve got a phone case for you. Our phones are compatible with iPhones from the SE first generation up to the latest, so feel free to grab a designer crossbody iPhone case. Have a Samsung? Not a problem - our Samsung cases are compatible with every model.

We can even help you out if you’re not sure what kind of phone you have. Just message us from the black “Chat with us” icon at the bottom left of this page!


Keebos are Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Here at Keebos, we take promises seriously. When we say we will ensure a tree is planted for every phone case purchased, we mean it. Thankfully, our partner organization, One Tree Planted, has teamed up with us to ensure the Keebos Promise is carried out. Even our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. We keep fancy colors and plastic out of our packaging because we care about this planet. 


Designer Cases at a Budget-Friendly Cost

Designer accessories usually come with a high price tag. It may surprise you to know that Keebos are actually very affordable. Most of our phone cases are less than $50.You’ve got no reason not to grab the hottest designer phone case on the market, so go for it!



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