Best iPhone Case for Drops

Best iPhone Case for Drops

Best Phone Case for Drops


Want to know what the best iPhone case is for drops? In this article, we’ll talk about all things “dropped phones.” First, we’ll talk about how often phones are dropped (on a statistical basis), then we’ll dive into the multiple different prices for new iPhones. 

Small spoiler alert, we truly believe Keebos crossbody phone cases are the winner, but lets jump into it. 


From there we’ll talk about how much an iPhone is really worth and the effects of “phone-xiety.”

Following that, we’ll cover what phone case options are available to you and then discuss why Keebos are the best phone case that prevents you from dropping your phone. Ready to find out more about the best iPhone case for drops? Read on!


How Often Do We Drop Our Phones?

Before we can talk about the best iPhone case for drops, we should talk about how often our phones are dropped. If dropping our phones isn’t really a problem, then we don’t need a special phone case, right? But it turns out that the opposite is true. According to this NY Post article, Americans drop their phones at least four times a week. Four times a week is a lot - but over a third of Americans who were surveyed said that they drop their phones even more often than that!

Dropping your phone has serious consequences. Six in ten Americans have cracked their phone’s screens by dropping them (or worse). An unlucky third of Americans have dropped their phones into a toilet. 

This constant worry about phones (also called “phone-xiety”) is very real. Half of Americans are always worried about the safety of their phones, and 76% say they’d be lost if their phones stopped working. The love for our phones goes deep - half of Americans say they’d sacrifice injury to their own bodies if it meant keeping their phones safe. 

How Much Did Your iPhone Cost?

If you’ve ever bought an iPhone, you know that they can be pretty pricey. Most iPhones cost between $500-$1,000, but here’s a breakdown of the most recent iPhone costs and a comparison to a slightly older model:

  • The iPhone 13 Mini starts at $699
  • The iPhone 13 starts at $799
  • The Pro version of the iPhone 13 is $999
  • The iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099

Even if you choose to buy an older model of iPhone, the iPhone 12 starts at $599. The saying goes, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” so for that reason it makes sense to want to protect your investment. 


...But How Much is Your iPhone Really Worth?

Sure, an iPhone is pricey, but if you really needed to, you could replace it. It’d take some time, but you could do it. The thing is, your phone is more than just a phone. It’s also your GPS, your camera, and the database for all the memories you’ve stored on it. The truth is that what you have on your phone - the memories, the information, and the things you do from it - are worth more than the phone itself. 

Think sentimental value for your phone can’t be a thing? Think again. There are iPhone customers who have gone on forums to talk about how sentimental they are about their iPhones. 




There are even some articles discussing why we’re so sentimental about old technology. Not just because of what we can put in/on them, but because they have such an integral place in our lives. We want to keep our phones safe for the same reason we want to keep the favorite sweater we’ve grown out of, or a childhood toy. We want to keep them because they got us through an important part of our lives. 

Don’t Let Phone-xiety Control You!

Constant worry about phones (also called “phone-xiety”) is very real. Half of Americans are always worried about the safety of their phones, and 76% say they’d be lost if their phones stopped working. The love for our phones goes deep - half of Americans say they’d sacrifice injury to their own bodies if it meant keeping their phones safe. 



It’s About More Than Dropping Your Phone

Dropping your phone is a big deal - but what’s worse is losing your phone somewhere, only for it to get hacked. You could lose the very memories that you’ve stored on your phone, and if you use a Digital Wallet like Google Pay or Apple Pay, you could end up losing more than your phone.

You could find yourself with your bank accounts drained and with all of your sensitive information compromised. It’s about more than dropping your phone. 

How to Deal: Here Are Your Options

If you’re simply worried about dropping your phone, you’ll probably want to invest in a shock-proof phone case. However, all of the protection in the world won’t stop you from losing your phone. In the NY Post article, many respondents said their earbuds saved their phones - but there’s a better option available for you. 

In this section, we’ll cover some of the most common phone-related options when it comes to dropping your phone. Although these options are nice, they do have some drawbacks. Ready to weigh out these options? Keep reading!

Shock-Proof Phone Cases


If all you care about is not breaking your phone, a shock-proof phone case may be a good option for you. People who always drop their phones look at shock-proof phone cases to absorb  the potential damage that could be caused by the phone falling from a height.

Having a shock-proof phone case makes sense - Keebos phone cases even have 4-corner bumper protection  to absorb shocks and impacts to your phone - but it doesn’t completely solve the problem. 

Why? Because you’re still dropping your phone! Do you really want to give yourself that mini-panic attack when your phone calls even though you got a phone case specifically geared to handle drops? Or would you rather not drop it in the first place?

Headphones and Earbuds to the Rescue

This suggestion may sound crazy, but it turns out that there’s a lot of truth to it too. The NY Post article actually mentioned that 46% of American respondents said that they held onto their headphone cable to prevent a phone from falling to its destruction. Sounds like decent advice - unless you have wireless earbuds or don’t use headphones. It wouldn’t help at all in those cases, so you need another solution.

Keebos: The Best Phone Case for Drops



Keebos keep your phone protected from drops. How? By not allowing you to drop your phone in the first place. You’ll be protected from those “heart attack moments” of anxiety when you drop your phone and see your life flashing before your eyes. When you wear Keebos, your phone stays on your body. When you “drop” your phone, all it does is swing back toward your body, safely unharmed.

Another fantastic feature of Keebos is that you can’t lose it. As long as you’ve got your Keebos crossbody phone case on you, you won’t have to worry about being hacked by phone thieves. Keebos is a phone case that avoids dropping your phone, but it’s more than that. It helps keep you from losing your phone. 


Ready to live life hands-free and carefree? Get a Keebos phone case today!

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