Best Phone Case for Construction Workers

Best Phone Case for Construction Workers


Best Phone Case for Construction Workers

Everyone knows how tough a construction worker needs to be to get the job done right. With all of the work you need to put in, the last thing you need to worry about is your phone.

Keebos are the best phone case for construction workers because they’re versatile and durable. They have adjustable straps, wallets, and finger grips to ensure you won’t drop your phone from the ladder. We think that our Clear Voyage phone cases are best suited to construction workers. Read on for more information. 

The Strap is Adjustable and Detachable


All Keebos phone straps are adjustable, which is why they’re such a popular item. But Clear Voyage phone straps are also detachable. The tough straps are like the kinds of straps you’d see on a seat belt, so they’re extremely durable. They’re the perfect choice for construction workers. The strap is adjustable too, so if you need to make it longer you can. 

Your Phone Case Has a Wallet - Wallet for Construction Workers

If you’re working with an overloaded wallet, it can throw your whole balance off-kilter. All you really need is your cash, ID, a credit card, and some business cards. Keebos can take care of that, and you won’t need to lug your wallet around from job to job. Our wallets are sealable and are oriented sideways, keeping your cards safe and secure. Keebos phone cases can hold up to 6 cards.

Keebos are Easy to Clean

Construction debris is a beast. You encounter sawdust, drywall dust, dry cement, and asphalt on a daily basis, and you need a phone case that you can easily wipe off at the end of a job. Keebos Clear Voyage cases are easy to wipe down. Just pop your phone out when you get home and wipe down the case with a wet washcloth. Make sure it’s dry before you put your phone back. That's why it's the best smart phone case for construction workers. 

You Won’t Drop Your Phone


With Keebos, you won’t need to worry about dropping your phone anywhere. Whether you’re up on a ladder or you’re pouring cement, your phone will stay where it belongs - with you. No more construction mishaps where you lose your phone and have to scramble to get it. Keeping your phone in your pocket works, but you spend all day in the heat and weather. The more you sweat, the more damage you can cause to your phone. Plus, if the rain gets into your port, good luck charging your phone.

phone case for construction workers

The cool strap will keep your phone close but not so close that you’re sweating on it. If it looks like rain, just zip your jacket over it and your phone will be protected from the elements. 

Don’t Lose Your Grip


We already talked about not dropping your phone from a ladder, but you also won’t want to lose your grip while you’re holding your phone. That’s why we’ve included a handy elastic strap on the back of your phone, to keep your phone securely in the palm of your hands. Dropping your phone will be the least of your worries now. 

Keebos Get You There

Since you’ll have your phone right where you need it, you can easily locate the job you’re on. Do the guys want to meet up for lunch somewhere? Even if you didn’t catch that taco place they’re heading to, you can find it by entering the information into your phone’s GPS. You won’t have to stress about losing your phone on a job because it’s always going to be with you. 

A Case is as Tough as You Are


As a construction worker, you need to be tough. You work long hours, rain or shine, and many of the tasks you perform are physically demanding. But you get up early every morning and do it again. You deserve a phone case that’s as tough and reliable as you are. Every Keebos Clear Voyage case is built tough, with 4-corner bumper protection to protect your phone from shocks and impacts. The case even has a unique 3-millimeter raised lip to protect your front screen and camera. 

Take Care of Everything with Keebos

You already take care of everything on the job, right? So let Keebos take care of your phone. We believe that the Keebos Clear Voyage phone case is the best Samsung phone case for construction workers. (Have an iPhone? Then you’ve got even more options. You can have a Clear Voyage or an all-black Voyage case!)

We’re so sure you’ll love Keebos that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you feel that your Keebos phone case isn’t performing as you expect, ship it back within 30 days to get your money back. Try Keebos today! We even offer sunglass straps to ensure your shades don’t get lost.  

best phone case for construction workers
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