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Cell Phone Necklace for Elderly and Seniors

Looking for a Phone Necklace for Elderly?

When you get older chances are high that you will drop your phone more often and also misplace it a few times a day (talking from my own parents experience).
This why Keebos Phone Necklace Holder is the perfect phone accessory for older people and seniors.
Phone Necklace for Elderly

For Emergencies it's Better to Have the Phone Around Your Neck

It helps seniors dial any emergency contact in case of a bad situation. If someone should fall for example, the phone is right on your body and accessible. The case also has a 4-Bumper-Protection Technology, which keeps the phone even more safe if it should hit the ground. The neck lanyard of is made out of a soft but durable rope, so it's a super comfortable feeling wearing it. 

It Comes With a Phone Neck Pouch to Store Cards and Cash

Not only does our cell phone case keep your phone close and safe,  you can also put cash and credit cards into the wallet on the back of the case. This means the elderly person can leave the house without bringing any extra bags or purses. You could also store any important notes in the cell phone necklace pouch if necessary. 

The Neck Strap is Super Easily Adjustable

Depending on the height of the elderly person and the preference that they like to wear it (as a necklace or as crossbody case) they can easily adjust it. To adjust the size, just pull on the two straps, sort of like a friendship bracelet. 

The Finger Strap Makes it Easier to Hold the Smartphone

This makes it another reason, why it's really a must-have cell-phone accessory for seniors. The elastic finer strap on back works like a pop socket. It makes it so much easier to hold your big smart phone in one hand, as seen in the photo above. 
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