The best crossbody phone case for the Samsung S23

The best crossbody phone case for the Samsung S23

What is the best Crossbody Phone Case for the Samsung S23?

crossbody phone case for Samsung Galaxy S23

You’ve found it! Keebos is the best crossbody phone case for the S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. Let me quickly show you why this case will be your best friend.

1. Never Drop, Misplace and Even Lose Your Phone Again!


With this crossbody case you will stay handsfree in any situation. Just put the soft strap around your neck and have your phone safe and accessible with you at all times. Especially the S23 Ultra is an expensive and big phone so it's even more annoying to misplace and drop your phone. 

crossbody phone case for samsung galaxy s 23 ultra


2. S23 Crossbody Case Comes with Convenient Sleek Wallet

You won't have to bring a purse or a backpack with this S23 Plus crossbody phone case. You can place up to 6 cards into the wallet on the back of the case. That's perfect for quick shopping trips, dog walks and any other errands you have to run! 

BONUS: The wallet comes with a finger strap, that makes it easy to hold your phone in one hand. I use it when I'm scrolling in bed, so that the phone doesn't drop on my face (it happened many times before that)

3. It’s a Fashionable Phone Necklace for the Samsung S23

Yes, some people call it a phone necklace.

Keebos has many fashionable colors, so you can always match a strap to your outfit. What's great about the straps is, that you can detach them and own multiple different ones. 

We are excited to see many celebrities love their Keebos, such as Eva Longoria, Maria Menounos, Joy Corrigan, Tori Spelling and more!


"Ever since wearing my Keebos, I get compliments from friends and even strangers all the time, it's super functional but also fashionable and cute" - Sarah, Customer



best crossbody phone case for Samsung S 23 Ultra

4. Sustainable - For each Keebos Purchase one Tree is Planted

For each Keebos crossbody phone case purchased, one tree is planted through a partner NGO of ours. Our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Thanks to our amazing customers, we've been able to plant thousands of trees. There are 6 main benefits for our planed when planting trees, you can read more about this initiative on our promise page. 


5. Perfect for Running Errands, Multitasking and Traveling

If you are a multitasker this phone case for the Samsung S23 will perfect for you. We often get the feedback from customers that Keebos helps them with their day job, when they are traveling, mom with their kids and many many more situations.

Do you know that person that always loses their phone? Don't be that person hehe. Keep your Samsung phone accessible 

crossbody phone case for samsung galaxy s 23 plus

6. Free Shipping from Venice Beach, California.

Our products are assembled and shipped from Venice Beach, California. Shipping in the US is free and fast. Nobody really knows this, but all of our products are named by streets in Venice Beach. 

cross body case for samsung galaxy s23 ultra

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