Keebos Interview with Founder Facts

Keebos Interview with Founder Facts

Our founder recently had a chance to speak about Keebos with Founder Facts.


Below an excerpt, click the link below to read the full interview:

"Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us here at Keebos. It’s a central pillar within the company. When someone decides to purchase Keebos, we understand they are making a choice to spend some of their hard-earned money on our product, in place of other things they could buy.

So we always want to ensure the best possible experience and product for each and every customer.

Whether you need our assistance before, during or after your purchase, our Keebos team is always here to help and ensure you have the best experience with our brand.

I personally get frustrated when I purchase a new brand and their team is unresponsive, or even rude. Our focus on customer success is what keeps our customers happy and coming back."

Full Interview:

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