Keebos - The Best Cell Phone Lanyard Case 2022

Keebos - The Best Cell Phone Lanyard Case 2022

Are you looking for the best Cell Phone Lanyard Case to keep you hands free and carefree? 

You've found it, Keebos is here for you to make sure you never drop, misplace or lose your phone again. 

Not only do Eva Longoria and other celebrities love their Keebos lanyard case, but publications such as People Mag, InTouch, Health Mag, Gadget Flow and many others have highly ranked for our cell phone lanyard case.


Why do you need a lanyard cell phone holder?

1. Keep your Hands Free and Phone Easily Accessible

No matter what you're doing if it's multitasking at work, riding a bike, going on a walk, playing with your puppy you usually want your phone accessible but your hands to be free. Many customers call the phone case a life-changer for good reasons.


2. Stop Dropping, Cracking, Misplacing and Losing your Phone

Let's be honest, we all have at least once dropped our phone and cracked our screen. More than once have we misplaced it, tried to call it but it was on silent. Then some of us including me have lost their phones on a night out or while being really stressed. Our Keebos lanyard iPhone case will definitely be your best friend in that regard.


3. Practical Wallet for Cards & Cash

Sometimes we don't have big pockets to put our smart phones into. Sometimes we don't want to bring a purse or bag. This is when our smart phone lanyard case is perfect. Just put your credit cards, ID's and cash in the wallet on the back of the case and you're good to go! 


4. It's kind of cool..

To be honest, every time I wear my Keebos out, I get some type of compliment: "wow this is such a cool way to carry your phone", "What is this, why didn't I come up with this idea", "how exactly does it work?" and "I need to get one, this is perfect for when I .."


5. iPhone Lanyard Case - Perfect for Travel, Hikes, and Multitasking

If you find yourself traveling, hiking or multitasking a lot, then this case is made for you. For me when I travel, I often don't know where to put all my important belongings such as passport, cash, IDs, my phone, my sweater etc. This lanyard phone case make it a lot easier to be handsfree and organized. It's the best phone lanyard! 


What's your Reason for a Lanyard Phone Case? 

Our customers constantly let us know how our keebos phone case with a lanyard attached is helping them out daily. We would love to hear from you. How is our lanyard case a game-changer for you? Just recently frontline medical care workers  told us it really helped them with their daily! 

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