Keebos Luxury Crossbody iPhone Case

If you have been looking for a luxury crossbody iPhone case, you're at the right place! Our Royal Gold Chain and Onyx Chain Keebos are our luxury line crossbody phone cases. The chains are easily detachable from the case and are made are out of high quality materials. 

4 Reason Why You Will Love Our Luxury Crossbody Case

Detachable Chain. You can wear your Keebos case like a necklace or crossbody depending on your personal preference. If you feel like taking the chain of the case, you can just clip it off. If you're getting busy again, and need your hands to be free, you can just clip the chain back onto the case. 

Wallet. There is a convenient wallet on the back of the case that hold up to 7 credit cards and cash. This means you don't have to bring a purse when wearing your keebos crossbody phone case. As a bonus the wallet also comes with a finger strap, that makes it easy to hold your big smartphone in one hand. 

Our Customers LOVE it. Celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Maria Menounos and more love their Keebos luxury crossbody iPhone case. With over 500 5-Star reviews, we are sure that you will love yours! 

One Tree Planted: To to our part on this planet we plant a tree for each Keebos purchased. There are many benefits to the environment through planting trees. Read more about our promise here.

Other Keebos Crossbody Phone Cases

Next to our Royal Chain Keebos we also have other amazing colors and versatile styles that our customers love. They are all easily adjustable in size and come with a wallet for cards and cash. See all of our crossbody phone cases here. 

Our cases keep you handsfree and carefree at all times. They will be your best friend especially when you multitask and do things that would otherwise make you drop, misplace or lose your phone. 

We hope you love our luxury crossbody iPhone Cases! We would love to hear your feedback on why you love your Keebos but also on how we can improve our product. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime at hello(at)