Meet Cassandra McClure: A Clean Beauty Expert & Keebos Ambassador


In a world inundated with fast-paced lifestyles and constant connectivity, the importance of staying hands-free and stylish is more significant than ever. This is where Keebos, the iconic crossbody phone case, steps in, making life easier and trendier for individuals like Cassandra McClure, a renowned speaker, clean beauty expert, and advisor.

With a wealth of experience working alongside 200+ founders, she's honed her skills in crafting successful strategies that convert. Now, as a proud Keebos ambassador, Cassandra shares her thoughts on this innovative accessory and its invaluable role in her busy life.


Cassandra McClure: A Leading Expert in Clean Beauty

Cassandra McClure is no stranger to the beauty and wellness industry. Her expertise as a clean beauty advocate has propelled her into the limelight, where she passionately advocates for safer beauty products. Her years of experience working with successful founders have given her unique insights into the industry, enabling her to craft successful strategies that truly resonate with the audience.

Cassandra's influence extends to various platforms, including podcasts, speaking engagements, and live events, where she discusses trends, products, and people that inspire.


Keebos: The Perfect Hands-Free Solution

Cassandra McClure's bustling schedule demands a balance between efficiency, style, and hands-free convenience. She's found the perfect solution in this iconic crossbody phone case. Not only does it allow her to keep her phone within arm's reach, but it also frees up her hands for the countless tasks that come her way.

One of the true tests of the Keebos case's durability and practicality comes from Cassandra's own toddler, who constantly tugs at her phone case. Even in the face of this daily challenge, the Keebos case stands strong, a testament to its quality and durability.

Furthermore, its fashion-forward design perfectly complements Cassandra's style, making it a must-have accessory for any outfit.


VIP Giveaway with KCM Connect: Mark Your Calendars for November 10th

As an advocate for clean beauty and quality products, Cassandra McClure is excited to co-host a VIP giveaway event on November 10th in the vibrant city of West Hollywood, in partnership with the renowned PR company, KCM Connect.

The event promises an exclusive showcase of top-notch brands, and among them, Keebos stands out as the perfect embodiment of fashion, functionality, and durability. Are you interested in attending any future beauty or fashion events? Make sure to follow Cassandra on her Instagram.


Connect with Cassandra McClure

If you have any questions or seek guidance regarding clean beauty practices or products, Cassandra warmly welcomes you to reach out to her through her website.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience makes her an invaluable resource for those looking to enhance their understanding of clean beauty and embrace healthier beauty practices.

In a world where convenience, style, and quality go hand in hand, Keebos and Cassandra McClure make a dynamic duo. Keebos provides a solution for those who seek a hands-free lifestyle without compromising on fashion, while Cassandra brings her wealth of experience to advocate for clean beauty. Together, they prove that staying connected and looking chic can indeed coexist seamlessly.

So if you're curious about clean beauty, Cassandra McClure is just a click away at



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