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Phone Case with Rope Attached - The Newest Trend in 2021


What’s the Phone Case with Rope Attached? Keebos!

Since launching our new products, we’ve heard people describe Keebos in all sorts of ways--some more unusual than others! Recently, someone called our Keebos “the phone case with the rope attached.” While we’re totally fine with that, we usually call it a phone necklace case. Here’s a shortlist of the various descriptions we’ve heard! Below pictures of a phone rope case:



1. Phone Necklace

This is how we most commonly hear people describe Keebos. It’s like a big necklace you place around your neck to keeps your phone and cards accessible. Added bonus: at today’s iPhone prices, your phone necklace will be more valuable than that necklace your middle school boyfriend bought you...

2. Phone Lanyard

Lanyard...brings back memories of summer camp and field trips. But hey, grab Keebos phone lanyards for yourself and all your friends and carefree field trips don’t have to be a thing of the past! Also it's easily adjustable so you can wear it as a crossbody phone case or a necklace. 

3. Crossbody phone case

This is one of our more popular descriptions because it captures a stylish way to wear your Keebos; as a purse replacement!  You can also call it a crossbody phone purse. 


4. Phone Case with Strap

For those of us who lack imagination, Keebos can LITERALLY be called a cell phone case with strap! An accurate (but lazy) description! :) As seen in the picture below it is an iPhone case with strap.



5. Phone Case Neck Holder

Okay...this one admittedly sounds kind of weird. What is it? A neck massage therapy? A W.W.E. wrestling move? Nope--Keebos! So get yourself a…...“phone case neck holder”..... to stay hands-free :) 

6. Handykette

Lastly, a lot of people call Keebos handykette case, because why not? We prefer phone case with rope. 


7. Phone Rope Holder

Hey have you seen my phone rope holder? Really? Ok. I love my phone rope necklace? Sounds very descriptive for a chic accessory, but at least the other person knows what to look for..

8. Phone Case with String

It's functional and fashionable to have a phone case with string. Simply adjust the string to your preferred size and wear it crossbody or as a necklace. 

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