Phone Case with Strap and Wallet - The Newest Trend of 2024

Phone Case with Strap and Wallet - The Newest Trend of 2024
If you're looking for the phone case with strap and wallet, you are at the right place!
It's the newest trend for good a reason, there are many different benefits for why people LOVE their Keebos phone case.


Here 5 reasons why you Need a Phone Case with Strap and Wallet 


1. Keep your Hands Free and Stay Carefree

Have you ever cracked your screen, or even worse lost your phone? As much as we need our phones nowadays, it's normal that this happens. This is why the perfect solution to keeping your phone safe and accessible is having a strap attached to your phone case. This way you can wear your phone sort of like a purse, or like a necklace. Especially if you love multitasking like me, you will fall in love with your Keebos case. 


2. Leave your Bag or Purse at Home

Did you ever leave the house and did not know where to put your phone? You had yoga pants on, or your outfit just didn't have pockets big enough for your phone? Did you ever squeeze your phone under your waistband of your pants? With Keebos phone case with strap and wallet attached, you can just put your cards and cash in the wallet and hang your phone around your neck. Problem solved. This is perfect for going shopping, going on a hike, riding a bike or just leaving the house for a scroll.

3. Never Misplace, Drop, Lose Your Phone Ever Again

Do you know that shocked feeling when you think you lost your phone? Have you ever dropped your phone and were sure that your screen was cracked when picking it up? Ever played with your kids or dog and dropped your phone? This happens all the time. Thankfully with Keebos phone case with strap and wallet, you won't have to worry about this ever again. The cord is easily adjustable so you can have your iPhone or Samsung phone close to your phone and don't have to worry about it. 


4. Celebrities Love Their Keebos

If you are not sure if the phone case with strap will look good on you, that's ok. It's a new trend to have a strap attached to your phone case, and you might be the first one out of your friends to do that. Good news is that many celebrities and stars love their keebos phone case. It keeps them handsfree and organized on busy days. Especially a lot of famous people with kids love their iphone case with strap and wallet. Eva Longoria, Maria Menenous and Tori Spelling are a few celebs that have been seeing with their trendy phone case with strap. 

phone case with strap and wallet



iphone case with strap

As seen in the show Emily in Paris as well!

We hope you get a better understanding of this new trend of phone cases. At a very affordable price for the cost and a 30 day money back guarantee, it's definitely worth for you to try out if Keebos are something that would make your life easier and better. 



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