What is a Stringed Phone Case?


What is a Stringed Phone Case?

A stringed phone case is just that, a phone case with string. That’s deceptively simple: they offer an array of benefits that will make you never want to go back to the old way of carrying your phone!


With that in mind, let’s talk about how Keebos phone cases are the need-to-have stringed phone case. Our cases are adjustable and fashionable. Whether you choose to wear it crossbody on your hip or as a necklace, it will make a statement.


If you worry about dropping, losing, or damaging your phone, Keebos are the solution for you. They will protect your phone against all of these things while keeping you in style and on-trend. 

Keebos cases offer an array of benefits and features. Let’s look at them now.


They Prevent You from Dropping Your Phone

Your phone buzzes, you slide it out of your pocket, and before you can think, it’s fumbled out of your hand. You’ve been there: that heart-dropping moment as you watch it tumble to the floor. We’ve all been there. 


Users reported that in 2018 the top 5 causes of cell phone damage were the result of a fall or a drop. 2022 is no different. Gravity is just as cruel today as it was four years ago. It’ll be just as cruel tomorrow. 

That is why you need a stringed phone case to save your phone from that perilous journey to the floor. Keebos are just the thing. They keep your phone on you in style while protecting it from a serious case of the butter-fingers. No longer do you have to fear when you wrestle your phone from the grips of your favorite skinny jeans’ pocket.


Instead, you have a fashionable option to keep your phone with you at all times. Not to mention it will keep your hands and pockets free of clutter.

Keep Your Phone Close to You

It’s easy to forget anything when it’s the size of your hand. That includes your phone. It is so easy to set a phone down and forget. You may be eating at a restaurant, visiting a friend's place, or even just making a trip to the kitchen when it happens. How many times have you done this, and found yourself struck with that sudden realization, “I left my phone!”



With Keebos phone cases, you’ll never have to worry about that again. Our phone case will keep your phone close to you whether you’re using it or not. So, you will be able to take your phone anywhere, knowing that you don’t have to worry about where it is. That’s because whether you wear your case crossbody or as a necklace, your phone will always be in front of you. 


What’s more, no longer would you need to pat your pockets when a stranger bumps you in a crowd. Your phone will be safely secured around your neck with a reinforced cord. It’ll take more than a quick hand for even the most determined pickpocket to sneak away with that. With our cases’ durable connector rings, you have no fear of a ne’er-do-well making off with your phone case. 

So, keep your phone safe with Keebos. No matter how you choose to wear it, it will keep your phone safe and close to you.


Made of Tough, Durable Materials

Keebos are more than just a phone case with a string. They’re made of material built tough to keep your phone safe no matter what happens. And they come with an array of features.

  • The cord is strong and durable. It features a reinforced core to keep it from tearing. It also maintains that luxurious feel with plush fibers that are comfortable on the most sensitive of skin. With this looped around your neck and through durable connector rings on your case, your phone’s not going anywhere.
  • The case keeps your phone impact safe. With 4-corner bumper protection, you can feel safe from any shocks or impacts your phone may experience in your day-to-day life. 


  • The card pocket/wallet is convenient and secure. The sealable, rear side pocket is oriented sideways to keep up to 6 cards safe and secure. This way not only will you be free of digging for your phone, but for your wallet as well. You’ll wonder how you lived before this hands-free experience.

  • The finger grip loop will keep your phone in your hand no matter the size. The elastic strap featured on the Keebos cardholder will help you grip your phone whether you’re typing or taking photos of your day.  

You get all of this on a cord you can easily adjust to match your style. You can look good and relax knowing that your phone is safe from danger. You can’t argue with that. 

Other Benefits of Our Stringed Phone Case


You get all of this available to you in our wide variety of styles, and range of colors. Choose from 12 different styles and color schemes to match your personality. Do you prefer a shoulder strap to a cord? Our Voyage models include a detachable strap. Our stringed phone cases are compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones. They come in black, pink, gold, green, and red. 

We also have a selection of wallet phone cases as well. They all feature the tight elastic strap of our stringed phone case and include a secure space for all of your cards. You can rock these stylish cases in clear, pink, and black. 

And by buying Keebos, you are helping the environment. Through our partner, One Tree Planted, we promise that for every Keebos phone purchased, one tree will be planted. This One-to-One program is actively helping the fight against deforestation. So, if you’re hesitating to buy yourself something nice, you can just think of it as doing your part to protect the biodiversity of our planet. And you get a sweet stringed phone case in the process! 


What’s more, our phone cases come in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging. Your new crossbody phone case will come in environment-safe craft paper free of plastics or harmful inks. That also means you won’t have to struggle with plastic in your unboxing experience.

Keebos: The Phone Case with String

Keebos are exactly the kind of phone case you need. It is an environmentally conscious brand that allows you to feel good about your purchase. Its case comes with an array of features that protect your phone from potential damage, allowing you to feel safe about your phone. What’s more, its very design protects you from theft. 


Take a look at our catalog, and pick the Keebos phone case that will match you and your style. 

This is the start of your new hands-free and carefree life. No more struggling with your pockets. It’s time for a better way to carry your phone.


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