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Top 10 New Must-Have Functional iPhone Gadgets in 2021 (Gadget Gift Guide)

  via GIPHY Are you looking for new cool and practical iPhone Gadgets this year? Whether you need one for yourself or a present to mom, dad, friends or other loved ones--we did the work for you! Below are the best 10 must-have iPhone gadgets for 2020. See this Phone Gadget Gift Guide:   1. REVIVE Charging Cable Bracelet Charge your phone away from home with the REVIVE Charging Cable Bracelet. Created to be worn around your wrist, these wearable charging cables make sure you will never forget your charger at home again. This genuine leather REVIVE bracelet comes with three connector options including micro USB, USB-C and Lightning. Likewise, the leather charging cable bracelet can charge your iPhone or Android devices....

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The Best Crossbody Phone Case of 2021

You've decided! After consistent amazing feedback (over 500 5-Stars across all platforms) from our customers, we are happy to introduce you to our Keebos crossbody phone case.  How can Keebos Crossbody phone case make your life better?   1. Cardholder - To Store Cards & Cash Want to leave the house without having to bring a bag, purse or just don’t have big enough pockets for your large smartphone? Don’t worry! Securely store up to 7 cards in the cardholder on the back of the case! 2. Finger strap - To Making Holding Your Phone Easy Hard to grip your big iPhone 11 Max Pro or any other big smartphone, when trying to take a selfie? No worries just place your...

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Best iPhone Case to Gift for Christmas in 2021

Keebos crossbody iPhone case Why stash your iPhone in your bag or pocket when you can wear it like an accessory? How? With the Keebos iPhone necklaces, that’s how. This sturdy, versatile, and practical iPhone case and necklace in one also features a nifty cardholder pouch for safely storing your cash and cards. You can wear it as a necklace or similar to how you’d carry a crossbody bag. You’re also doing Mother Nature a solid with every purchase of a Keebos iPhone necklace because one purchase equals a planted tree through the One Tree Planted nonprofit organization. Here some other great gifts for the holidays from Influx Media's November Tech Roundup:   Kickbike KickBike America is renowned...

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The New Best iPhone 11 Case in 2021 - Keebos Phone Necklace

The Keebos crossbody phone necklace for iPhone 11 is great for lots of reasons: Keeps your hands free! Holds cards and cash of the back of the case Features elastic finger strap that helps you to securely hold the phone Has an easily adjustable strap that allows you to carry your iPhone either as a phone necklace or in a crossbody case style! It helps you avoid losing or dropping your phone! 

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Keebos Phone Necklace Holder Cases for All iPhones - The Hottest Fashion Trend of 2021

Yes, it's true, phone Necklace Holders are the newest bizarre phone trend of 2021. As increasingly seen on the streets of West Los Angeles, it’s super convenient, trendy and a new better way to carry your phone. Read why here!

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