The 10 Best Ways to Protect Your Phone in 2022

Best Ways to Protect Your Phone

The 10 Best Ways You Can Protect Your Phone | Mobile Phone Security Tips | How to Protect Your Phone from Damage

Phones need protecting from many things. Internal, external, inanimate or not, knowing how to protect your phone from damage is important. However, finding mobile phone security tips can be difficult.

So, here at Keebos, we’re bringing you the 10 best ways you can protect your phone. From the prying hands of others to damage from the brutal world, you can ensure you and your smart phone remains safe. 

1. Get Your Hands on a Keebos Crossbody Phone Case


Too many people will sneak a hand into your pocket or purse. And, too many people drop their phone from their pocket.

That’s why we created our crossbody phone case. Using mobile phone security tips, we know having your phone around your neck reduces the likelihood of drop- damage or stolen cells by 100%. So, for thinking how to protect your phone from damage, this is the best avenue. Keebos will also help you not to misplace your phone anymore. 

2. Use a Screen Protector


With cell phones like Apple and Android using thin glass, it’s common to see cracked screens. After all, human hands aren’t grippy. Think about how often you see people on the streets, in bars and everywhere else dropping their phone. 

Hence, one of the best mobile phone security tips being to buy a screen protector. And, we suggest tempered glass screen protectors with a thick shock-absorbing layer. Not to mention the privacy screen protector to help with prying eyes. It's the best feeling when you drop your phone, the screen cracks, but then you realize that it's just the screen protector that cracked and not your actual screen. It's definitely worth the investment! 

3. Add Your Phone to Your Home Insurance


Using home content insurance is the easiest way to ensure coverage against accidental damage. With a busy job or home life requiring access to your phone, knowing you’ll have a quick replacement can be reassuring.

Using mobile phone security tips doesn’t necessarily mean protecting from damage, but more protecting your livelihood.

4. Purchase a Mobile Phone with Warranty


Similarly for how to protect your phone from damage using home insurance, many phone providers offer a warranty. Examples include; Apple Care or Bell Smart Phone Care which provides lasting insurance for damaged or defective mobile phones. If you know you usually damage your phone, this might be worth it. 

5. Keep Your Mobile Away from Children


The 10 Best Ways to Protect Your Phone in 2021


Kids are a magnet for broken or damaged goods. While continuing to grow and learn, they want to touch and experience like their parents including using your phone without understanding its delicate nature.

So, the simplest solution for how to protect your phone from damage, is storing in high places or in a bag.

6. Create a Long Password


This couldn’t be missed within our 10 best ways to protect your phone. Having others try to access data is more common than you think. And, it’s always those closest to you Most of my friends passwords are 0000 or 1111. This makes it easier to unlock your phone, but also makes it easier for someone to guess your password and have all your information. So, how to protect your phone from damage will always include long passcodes that make it difficult for others to hack. The damage of someone stealing your data and information can be a lot worse than physically damaging your phone. 

7. Attach Your Cell to a Dedicated Car Holder


Often, people lose their phone under a car seat or drop it onto the metal tracks, cracking it instantly. So, our mobile phone security tips must include using dedicated car phone holders. This way, it’s safe and you’re know where to look.

You don’t have to be an engineering whizz to install them, either. Many operate using suction cups, magnets or vent clips. It's also a lot safer looking for directions or changing a song on your phone, when you don't have to hold it in your hand while you drive. 

8. Keep Your Phone Away from Keys

Storing a phone in a purse or pocket often involves keys. Unfortunately, keys scratch your phone screen and can cause further damage to touch-screen sensors down-the- line.

So, mobile phone security tips suggest protecting your phone by keeping it away from your keys. A way to do this, is using the Keebos crossbody phone case for your Apple or Samsung device!

9. Clean Your Phone with a Microfiber Cloth


Smart phone screens get dirty. Sticky fingers, crumbs, pocket lint and spilled liquids are all culprits.

Things you shouldn’t clean your phone with include; alcohol disinfectant wipes, sanitizer, window cleaner, paper towels, make-up remover, compressed air, dish soap, vinegar, and so on.

However, Keebos’ mobile phone security tips do give the green light to microfiber cloths. They can’t cause water damage, scratch your screen or wear away protective coatings. Our phones often carry a lot of bacteria and we touch it so many times everyday. This is why it's important to clean your phone more often than you think. 

10. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

In short, extreme temperatures hot or cold damage your phone’s battery. The cold causes lithium ion batteries to stop functioning and heat causes your phone to experience a forced shut down or total meltdown. Next time you are in a really cold environment, watch your phone's battery and you can see how much faster it goes down. 

So, our final method for how to protect your phone from damage is to keep your phone at room-temperature. This means making sure your cell isn’t in your bed, in a warm bag or somehow in your cooler.

And, there you have it. While you don’t have to stick to every suggestion of how to protect your phone from damage, using as many of these 10 mobile phone security tips will help keep your cell phone active for longer. Usually you start thinking about protecting your phone when something bad has already happened, so do something today before it's too late :)

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I like how you mentioned that a holder in your car can help prevent you from losing your phone while driving. In addition to that, I would think that it would be a good idea to keep some kind of holder on your body at all times. Many people work with their phones on their body, so having a holder would make it easier for them to get access to it and keep it safe at the same time.

Thomas Clarence

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