The Best 8 iPhone Accessory for Seniors

The Best 8 iPhone Accessory for Seniors

iPhone Accessories for Seniors

iPhone Accessory for Seniors

There are plenty of iPhone accessories out there, but not all of them are ideal for seniors.

Even the toughest phone case you can imagine won’t help you if you have a “senior moment,” and many seniors have nerve issues that prevent them from wearing restrictive phone cases like armbands.

In this article, we’ll talk about why Keebos phone cases are amazing for seniors, and then talk about 7 or more other great accessories you can use for your phone.

Read on to learn more!

1. Keebos Are the Best Smartphone Accessory for Seniors

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Once you know more about Keebos crossbody phone cases, you’ll know it’s undeniably the best cell phone accessory for seniors. There are a lot of factors that make it the phenomenon it is, so here’s our list of the top reasons they’re the greatest:


  • They’re stylish and trendy. If you care about fashion, you’ll be happy to know that whether you wear Keebos on your left or right, you’ll look great as you come into town. Keebos come in a wide range of styles and colors so you can match your outfit. 
  • best accessories for seniors and old people

  • The elastic band is as simple as it is innovative. You’ll have a hold on your phone and you’ll never lose your grip - it’s magic!
        • It’s got a handy wallet on the back. Whether you’re down on the corner or out in the street, Keebos are the phone case you can count on. Keep your spare nickels in the wallet on the back or throw your ID and credit cards in there. 
        • Stay hands-free and carefree with Keebos. When your grandchild looks up at you and says, “I want to hold your hand,” you can be there for them. Keebos allow you to be hands-free and carefree, so you can focus on the most important things in life.
        • Quickly send a message to those you miss. When you’re at the beach or otherwise enjoying yourself sans loved ones, you can easily grab your phone and snap a picture to tell them, “Wish you were here.” You won’t have to dig in your pocket or purse for your phone anymore.  

    best accessories for old parents and seniors

  • Having your phone with you is safer. Whether you’re a little old lady from Pasadena or a big old man from Venice Beach, you’ll be able to contact someone if you fall or start experiencing health symptoms that worry you. Your family will have peace of mind, too.   
  • Keebos are tough. These phones won’t back down. The premium cords have a strong reinforced core, and our Voyage straps and Royal chains phones are just as tough. The durable cases have 4-corner bumper protection and a raised lip to protect your front screen and camera. The case is connected to the cord via two strong connector rings that can stand their ground against wear and tear.


    2. Glass Screen Protectors for Your Phone

    Screen protectors have come a long way. They’re more touch-sensitive than they used to be, and the newer ones are less likely to bubble on you when you’re trying to put it on. Screen protectors are scratch-resistant and work just fine with your Keebos crossbody phone cases, adding a bit of extra protection for your phone. 


    Try a screen protector like Zagg - they’ve got screen protectors for every phone from the iPhone 8/7 all the way to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. (Got an Android? They make them for your phone, too!)

    3. Tile for Help with “Senior Moments”


    Have you ever walked into a room and then forgotten why you’re in there? Or found your remote control in an odd place (like your refrigerator)? We may not be able to help stop the sands of time from falling, but there is a way to make it more manageable: Tile. You connect these nifty trackers to your keys, put them in your wallets, or stick them on anything you have a habit of losing.

    They can send out a “ping” when you are looking for something or your phone can help track down the missing items. Never misplace your keys again!

    4. Touchscreen Gloves to Keep Your Hands Warm


    Winters can get extremely cold, so use touchscreen gloves for your phone when you need to brave the cold. Touchscreen gloves will let you continue to use your phone as you normally would.


    Trendoux touchscreen gloves are hand washable and have a highly-sensitive touchscreen and silicone anti-slip grip. They have a very warm lining and come in sizes for men and women. 

    5. Windshield Phone Mount for GPS

    When you’re navigating to a location with your phone’s GPS, you’ll want to keep your phone somewhere you can easily look at the screen without being distracted by looking too far away from the windshield. That’s why a phone mount can be a good solution for you. 


    The Easy One Touch 5 by iottie is a very popular dash and windshield car mount that lets you lock and release your smartphone with a smooth one-handed motion. 

    6. Screen Magnifier Stand for A Better View

    Best iPhone Accessory for Seniors

    A screen magnifier can help you see your phone better if you use it a lot to watch videos or movies. Many screen magnifiers are foldable, making them compact and more durable. 


    Amazon currently has a Dizaul screen magnifier stand that comes in two screen sizes: 12 inches and 14 inches. Feel free to give it a try. 

    7. Chargers to Keep Your Phone Working

    There’s nothing worse than listening to your favorite tunes and then having your phone shut off in the middle of the hook. There are a ton of chargers on the market now to prevent that from happening: from lighting chargers to backup batteries to magnetic phone stands that can charge your phone even if the charging port is damaged. 


    If you’re looking for some great chargers, Anker has a lot to offer, whether it’s in the form of a power bank or something else. Don’t forget to make sure the charger you choose is compatible with your phone!

    8. Stylus Pen for Precision


    Every senior has different hands. Some worked in offices before retirement, whereas others worked construction. For those who have very wide hands, it can be tough to text or call on a tiny phone screen. That’s why styluses are so helpful. Get an Adonit mini precision stylus pen if that’s you, and you’ll never have to worry about struggling to use the touch screen properly again. 

    Rock On with Keebos: The Best iPhone Accessory for Seniors



    (Tori Spelling pictures with her Sunset Keebos above)

    Nothing lets you keep on rockin’ like Keebos. You can enjoy a life that’s hands-free and carefree, without being worried about dropping or losing your phone. Your phone will be there for you whenever you need it. If you want to keep living the good life, get Keebos today


    Not sure what to order or what kind of phone you have? Keebos Support is always available to help you out. Just visit the Keebos home page and click “Chat with us!” in the bottom right corner to talk to someone. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


    (By the way, since seniors are considered the “Rock n’ Roll Generation,” we decided to add rock references into the “Keebos” section above. See if you can spot and name them all!)

    iPhone Accessory for Seniors



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