The Must-Have Wearable Phone Case - Keebos 2022

Are you looking for a wearable phone case to stay hands free!? Never want to worry about dropping or losing your phone again? You've found it--check out this chic and fashionable solution!

1. Adjustable length, depending on how you like it

We know our customers want to personalize the fit of our cases, so we made adjusting the size of the cord easy! Just pull both ends of the cord to tighten the fit. Depending on your personal preference you can wear the case around you neck like a necklace or keep on the side of your body when wearing it crossbody. 

2. Beautiful colors to match your outfits

 wearable iphone cases

Color and styling is essential to matching accessories to outfits! Most of our customers just go with the black Sunset Keebos because it matches every outfit. If you are a little bit more a fan of colors check out our collection to find the color that makes you the happiest. Our newest addition is the Rose pink case, which is already a hit. All Wearable phone case colors.

3. Wallet for Cards and Cash to make your life easier

Are you tired of keeping track of your (1) keys, (2) wallet, (3) purse, (4) phone, (5) ETC. all at once? Don't have pockets for a wallet? Simplify your lifestyle with Keebos, which combine your phone case and wallet. This lets you carry just the essentials by wearing the Keebos case crossbody or around your neck, and let's you have all your things in one place. You can fit up to 6 cards in the sealable wallet. Plus, if you like to carry cash around you can even insert that as well! So not only are you able to wear your phone but also your wallet. 

4. Unisex

We've designed this wearable cell phone case to be for everyone! As you can see in the pictures above and below, no matter who you are, there is a Keebos crossbody phone necklace for you! Choose your color and fit, and feel fashionable and carefree.

5. You decide: Wear it crossbody or like a necklace!

How you style a Keebos with your outfit really depends on your preference and activity. For light jogs, I personally wear the phone case crossbody and adjust the size tighter than when I'm in the house. Inside, I wear the case around my neck and loosen the strap. Keep in mind that you can also add charms or other accents to the case and cord to personalize your Keebos further!

6. Travel like a pro

wearable smartphone case
Not only is wearable tech cool, but it's also super convenient. Many of our customers comment that they love their Keebos because the case makes traveling so much easier. At the hectic TSA security screening, travelers often lose track of where their phone or ID is. With a Keebos, you'll have all the essentials in one place, around your neck or shoulder! The next time you need to show your boarding pass, you won't have to dig frantically through your pockets or "small personal item" to find it! Phew! Instead, just take your easily accessible Keebos, show your phone screen to the agent, and then let your phone drop back into place (it won't actually fall because of the strap--remember!?). Here's a review from one of our customers who explains more about how Keebos help her, and why she thinks it's the best crossbody phone case.

7. Multitask like I can't (I'm actually the worst multitasker)

wearable phone case
Photo Credit: Anne Marie
Especially if you're a busy parent, you know the struggles of multitasking. Nowadays we just are more dependent on our phones. Given that our phones have become an essential, constant part of our lives, it just makes sense to wear it and keep it easily accessible in many situations. Whether it be to check the directions, find a dinner spot, let your loved one know you are coming over, or the countless other important uses for our phones. Our wearable iPhone cases and wearable Samsung cases will be your best friend.


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