What Do Parents of Triplets Need?

What Do Parents of Triplets Need?


What Do Triplet Parents Need?

Life changes when you have a baby! When you have triplets, you can multiply those changes by three. Becoming a parent of triplets can feel like unknown territory. Being prepared is key for making the transition into the parenthood of multiples as smooth as possible.

We’ve put together a few things to help you as you prepare for your new adventure!

1. Formula & Formula Maker

If you’re not planning to nurse your child, a stockpile of formula is essential for all new parents and critical for parents of triplets! Some moms of multiples suggest having enough for two weeks’ worth on hand for each baby. 


With that formula, you will want a formula maker. A formula maker is a machine that blends the correct amount of formula and water, producing the perfect bottle in seconds.

2. Breast Milk

Breastfeeding moms need a hospital-grade breast pump. Compared to a standard breast pump, a hospital-grade breast pump is larger and has a more powerful motor. 


These breast pumps have a reputation for being more efficient and effective. They can help new mothers produce more milk in a shorter time.


3. Swings, Bouncy Seats, Floor Seats

When taking care of triplets, having a safe place to set one baby down to pick up another is non-negotiable. 

Some tools to help new parents care for one baby while setting down another include:

  • swings
  • bouncy seats
  • floor seats
  • play mats

Having multiples of these items in rooms where you will likely need them is an excellent idea.

While these useful items are essential, leaving babies unattended is not recommended. It is critical to always keep the babies within eyesight and never use these devices for sleep time.

4. Keebos Crossbody Phone Case



Get our Keebos Crossbody Phone Cases if you don’t want to miss a moment of your triplets’ adorable antics! You won’t have to worry about dropping or damaging your phone, and a tree is planted with every purchase. So many triplet moms tell how how much Keebos is helping them everyday staying handsfree and carefree. 

triplet parents gift ideas

what do parents of triplets need?

6. Baby Clothes

“How much baby clothes do I need?” This is a question often pondered by new moms with one baby. If you’re having triplets,  multiply all estimates by three! 



Several factors to consider when planning baby clothes:

  • How many times per week will you do laundry?
  • What are the seasons like where you live?

How often you plan to do laundry will allow you to increase or decrease the number of baby clothes needed. Also, warmer or cooler months may affect how many layers you need for your babies.

Many parents prefer to stay home with their newborns rather than go out. Still, many clothing items are needed. The at-home time with a newborn lends itself to needing clothing items like: 

  • Onesies: onesies used to be boring, now they are so cute! They are easy for babies and new parents.
  • Footed sleepers: great for bedtime and nap time because babies' feet stay covered, helping them stay warm and hopefully sleep better.
  • Baby blankets: not a clothing item, but in this case, they should be! Parents always need a blanket for their baby. Like baby clothes, baby blankets need washing often for various reasons, so you’ll need lots of them.
  • Bibs: newborns need bibs all the time for spit-up, drool, and bottle drips.
  • Burp cloths: cloth diapers work well for this job too.

Identical triplet tip: dress your babies in different colors! You'll be able to tell them apart more easily.

7. Triplet Stroller

There are only a few options for triplet strollers, and not all of them will hold infant car seats. But baby car seat and stroller compatibility are important. Many parents want to keep their babies strapped in the car seat when using the stroller at their destination.


Parents of multiples have limited options when it comes to strollers. Understanding stroller safety, as well as reading consumer reviews for all stroller options, will help you make this important decision.

Here a suggestion

8. Car Seats

Can you fit three car seats across a row in a vehicle? If you have the right vehicle and the right seats, the answer is yes. Measuring is vital when choosing car seats for your triplets. Planning where you will put them in the car and accurately measuring the space will help you choose the right seats for your family. 


BabyCenter has an excellent resource: their Best 3-Across Car Seats article. Use it as a reference when you shop.


9. A Chart for Feeding and Diaper Changing

Less for scheduling and more for keeping track. A chart will help you know who was fed and changed and when! This can be difficult with one newborn. Having three makes it even more challenging! There are many free downloadable charts available online.




10. Changing Stations Everywhere

Multiple changing tables are a great idea when you have someone around to help with changing times! Another idea is having many changing stations located all over the house. Placing them in areas where you spend the most time will be a tremendous help!

Changing station essentials:

  • Wipeable changing pad
  • Lots of diapers
  • Wipes
  • Extra clothes
  • Soft toy or rattle
  • Diaper pail
  • Bin for dirty laundry
  • Diaper cream or ointment
  • Hand sanitizer & lotion for you!

11. Cribs, Sleeping Arrangements, and Sleeping Aids


Newborns eat and sleep a lot, then as babies grow, sleeping and naps remain a significant part of their days and nights. Sleep times are not only crucial for them but for you! 

Some parents of triplets choose to have three separate cribs from the start, while others prefer to have their babies sleep in the same crib. Whatever your choice is, the important thing is to have a plan! Even when things don't always go according to plan, having one in place will help you be flexible with your babies' needs.

Sleep aids and alternatives to cribs include:

  • Sound machines
  • White noise machines
  • Bassinettes
  • Co-sleeping
  • Pack-n-plays
  • Blackout curtains

12. Smart Baby Monitors

 Baby monitors give parents peace of mind when putting their babies down for naps or nighttime in a different room. Smart baby monitors provide new parents with live video feeds, room temperature readings, two-way communication, and night vision. 




Some options have multiple cameras for optimal viewing from different angles. Others have remote control capabilities to move the camera view around without entering the room. 


13. Self-care for parents

Having a baby is a fast way to lose sight of self-care. Having three babies makes it seem impossible! However, self-care is a much-needed part of parenting. It can be as simple as signing up for food and grocery delivery or splurging on a new streaming service. 


Newborn parents' self-care also includes asking for help when needed. Taking care of triplets is hard for anyone, and as the saying goes, more hands make light work. Ask for help. Chances are your family and friends want to help! They may just be waiting for you to ask.

This list briefly scratches the surface, covering the many "needs" you will have as parents of three newborns. The reality is that "needs" are relative - they change from person to person, situation to situation. Parenting requires flexibility! 

Another great tool to add to your list is a hands-free way to carry your phone! You will want to have it handy to take all those newborn pictures, and having a hands-free way to keep it close is essential when you’ve got your hands busy with triplets!

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