What is a Cell Phone Necklace Holder? 2024

If you're wondering what a cell phone necklace holder is, you're at the right place.
It's actually a huge trend. For many really great reasons!
We often get asked why nobody came up with this concept earlier.. see all benefits below. 

What is a Cell Phone Necklace Holder? 

iphone necklace holder

1. Helps you Prevent Misplacing, Dropping and Losing your Cell Phone

Have you ever dropped your phone and your screen cracked, or even just lost your phone? Don't feel bad about it, it has happened to most people. With a cell phone necklace holder you won't ever have to worry about this again. You can just place the strap around your neck and won't have to worry about dropping, misplacing or losing your phone. This is the perfect solution for any multitasker that like to keep their phone accessible. 

necklace phone holder

2. You Can Wear your Phone Around your Neck

Just like a a necklace or like a purse, a phone necklace holder lets your wear your phone around your neck. Smartphones are continuously becoming more important to one's life. This is why having your phone accessible is key. Especially if you have a job or hobby where you constantly need your phone. The strap is easily adjustable, sort of like a friendship bracelet, so you can decide how close to your body you want to wear it. Also you can wear it crossbody or as a necklace depending on your activity and preference. 


3. You Can Store Cash and Cards in it

The best part next to having your phone close and accessible is that you won't even need to bring a purse or bag. You can just put your most important cards and cash into the pocket on the back of the necklace holder and you're good to go. This is perfect for hikes, bike rides, adventures, shopping trips, dog walks and many more activities. Also when your outfit doesn't have pockets big enough for your phone, this will come in handy!


4. It's trendy. Functional and Fashionable 

Next to the great functions of a cell phone necklace holder, it's also very fashionable. There are many exciting colors and styles. Yes this will help you multitask and stay handsfree, but it will also be an eye-catcher for anyone walking past you. When I wear my iPhone necklace holder I get compliments from strangers all the time. 



5. Celebrities Wear iPhone Necklace Holders

Believe it or not, but your favorite celebrities and stars wear necklace holders. It's a new trend. Especially those with kids and busy lives, love putting their cell phone on a leash.  Eva Longoria, Tori Spelling, Maria Menenous and many more influencers and celebrities love their necklace phone holders. It keeps you handsfree & carefree, while also looking amazing when out and about. 



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