What is a Phone Necklace Holder?

What is a Phone Necklace Holder?

The 5 Best Reasons Why You Need a Phone Necklace Holder




You've probably seen people wearing their cell phone necklace holders while going shopping, walking their dog or while traveling. It's becoming a huge trend--and for good reasons. Below our 5 best reasons why you need a Keebos cell phone necklace holder. 


1. Handsfree Means Carefree

Phones are continuously becoming more important to our lives. This means we constantly need our phones close to us and accessible. Whether that is good or bad, I can't say. What I can say, though, is that having your phone on a strap around your neck makes your life a lot easier in many different situations. It's peace of mind to not having to worry about where you placed your phone. 


2. Never Crack Your Screen, Drop Your Phone, Or Lose it Again!

So many of my friends cracked their phone screens and, to be honest, I cracked my own screen 3 times before getting a phone necklace holder. People also constantly drop their phones as they get bigger and sleeker. The worst part is that smartphones are also getting more expensive. This is why you want to put your phone in a case that helps you avoid dropping or losing it. With this phone case, you will have you phone close, accessible and won't drop or lose it again. It's a game-changer. 


3. You Don't Have to Bring A Purse or Bag

Keebos phone necklace holders come with a super convenient wallet on the back of the case. Store up to 6 cards plus cash safely in it and leave your purse or bag at home. Also, if you are in workout clothes you usually don't have a pocket to put your phone in. This means you either have to carry it in your hand or squeeze your phone into your waistband, which obviously is less than ideal. Especially for short trips to the grocery store, hikes, strolls and any other spontaneous trips, you will love this convenient accessory. 


4. Perfect for Traveling, Hiking, Dog-Walks, Shopping and more!

With the iPhone necklace holder you will stay handsfree and carefree all the time. You will never misplace, drop your lose your phone again, no matter what activity. Think about when you are at the airport with your passport, IDs, ticket, headphones and more. Stressful moments like this are often when we drop or lose items because there is too much to carry and worry about all at once. Another example is going on a walk with your dog and holding a coffee in one hand. You'll be relieved not to hold your phone in one hand the whole time. Just have it hanging around you neck. 



5. For Each Keebos Phone Necklace Holder Purchased, One Tree is Planted. 

Through our partnership with One Tree Planted we are planting a tree for each product purchased. Planting trees is beneficial to our environment in many ways. You can read more about these benefits here. Also Keebos packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. 



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