What is a Sling Phone Case?


What is a Sling Phone Case?

Sling phone cases are a great way to enjoy life without being slowed down by digging your phone out of a bag. A sling iPhone case will enable you to protect the valuable investment you made in your nice iPhone, and sling Samsung cases do the same for Samsung phones (don’t worry, we carry both). 

In this article, we’ll cover why sling phone cases are loved by celebrities and regular people for their convenience and usefulness. From there we’ll talk about how many styles you have to choose from with Keebos, and how Keebos work to protect the environment. 


1. Convenient Way to Keep Your Phone Close

What is a sling phone case? First of all, it’s a convenient way to keep your phone close. The strap enables you to do whatever you need to do, hands-free and carefree as you go about your day. The minute someone calls or you get a notification, you can grab your phone and start talking or checking your updates.

sling phone caseA sling phone case is especially handy for influencers who are always looking for the next perfect shot since it keeps your phone within arm’s reach. You can snap a quick photo in less time than it takes for most people to dig their phones out from underneath the debris hidden in their purses or backpacks.

This also gives you an advantage if you ever find yourself in a “quick draw texting battle” with one of your buddies. You can pretend like you’re in the Wild West, walk three paces, and see who can text the other faster if you want. (Sure, it’s ridiculous, but the best kinds of fun with friends are supposed to be ridiculous. Otherwise, you’d be filing taxes together or doing  something equally boring.)


2. Sling Case - Beloved by Celebrities and People Like Us

We say it all the time: celebrities love Keebos. They’ve been spotted on Eva Longoria, Tori Spelling, Maria Menounos, Elizabeth Weber, Joy Corrigan, and Domitila Barros (recent winner of Miss Germany 2022). They’ve also been worn by fashion-savvy influencers, like the ones who made an appearance on our Keebos style handbook. 


It’s amazing to see how many celebrities bolster Keebos, but our sling phone cases are also great for regular people who may never get time in the limelight (and some who honestly may not want to - there’s definitely a dark side of celebrity fame).

For those of us who don’t have personal trainers, housekeepers, nannies, and the like, Keebos can still become a part of your life that makes you wonder how you survived without it. Keebos enable you to do all the tasks that you can’t afford or prefer not to delegate to others, without needing to worry about dropping, breaking, or losing your phone.


(Now that we think about it, maybe Keebos are so popular with celebrities because our phones are where most of our private information is stored, and they allow celebrities to keep their privacy close at hand so they won’t have to worry about losing their phones as they go out and about. It would be disastrous if a paparazzi got a hold of a celebrity’s phone!)

3. They’re Useful on So Many Levels

You would think that a sling phone case would be just that: a phone case on a sling. However, sling phone cases are so awesome that they’re pretty great even without your phone (not that we recommend that, it kind of defeats the purpose).

sling phone case

You can easily clip a keyring to your sling phone case to ensure your keys are close by, whether you’re jogging or walking home after work. Using them in this way keeps you from needing to dig your keys out, keeping you safer from criminal opportunists if you’re walking home in the middle of the night.

It’s a known fact that criminals love to prey on distracted victims, so having your keys at the ready minimizes the amount of time you’ll be looking for them, and won’t give someone enough time to push their way into your home. It also enables you to spend more time looking at your surroundings than you do at your keys/phone, which is also something that criminals don’t want.


Beyond the keyring, every Keebos comes with a wallet on the back for you to keep your money/ID/credit cards tucked into. This allows you to pay more quickly while you’re out and about, keeping those behind you in line happy. And to prevent you from losing your grip on your phone, there’s a nice, luxurious elastic band. 

4. Plenty of Options to Choose From

If you don’t like boring options, Keebos is the right choice for you. We’ve got several styles of sling phone cases: phone cases made from premium cords of different colors, phone cases made from thick chains that look like elegant necklaces, and phone cases with straps on them.

Here are a few of our favorite styles:

  • Tough girls will love the Abbot Kinney camo green case
  • Preppy women will be all about Rose Keebos - our all-pink case
  • Summer-ready ladies will love the Beach Keebos that are woven red, tan, and blue
  • Classy dames will dig the Sunset Keebos and Royal Gold Keebos
  • Goth girls will look great in Onyx chain Keebos or Midnight Keebos
  • Industrial chic chicks will love Voyage Keebos - the Keebos phone cases with removable straps



Those are our “Greatest Hits,” but there are still plenty of other colors in stock, so give our collection a look when you get a chance. (We also sell sunglass straps and phone charms, if you’re interested in that! The phone charms look like throwback friendship bracelets.)

5. Taking Care of Our World

So far our list has consisted of some things that sling phone cases have in common. One thing that our competitors definitely don’t do is make conscious steps to better the environment. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, we keep the Keebos promise to ensure a tree is planted with the purchase of every Keebos phone case.


Every time you buy a Keebos, a tree is planted somewhere in the world because of your purchase. We do this because reforestation is a good way to ensure this world is enjoyed for generations to come. Reforestation impacts 6 critical areas of life: air, water, biodiversity, social impact, health, and climate.

In addition, we make sure our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. We never add plastics or fancy colors to our packaging because we don’t want to contribute to excess waste. Our products are sent in phone cases made from craft paper instead. 


Keebos: The Sling Phone Case You Need

Keebos are the sling smartphone case you need to have. They’re convenient and beloved by people from all walks of life. They’re super-useful at keeping you safe and making sure your phone, keys, and wallet are handy. There are countless options, styles, and colors to choose from to match any personality. (If you have multiple, just get extra Keebos!)


Beyond all of the amazing features we’ve already listed, Keebos is one of the few phone case brands that care about the environment. If you want to enjoy the benefits of being hands-free and carefree with a sling phone case, get a Keebos phone case today!


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