What is an iPhone Case with Neck Strap?

What is an iPhone Case with Neck Strap?

Since launching our phone cases with neck strap, a lot of customers have been asking what is an iPhone case with neck strap and how does it work?


1. What is a Phone Case with Neck Strap?

If you have misplaced, dropped or lost your phone recently, then this phone case is definitely suited for you. The sturdy case comes with a 4-corner bumper protection and is connected to a soft but durable adjustable neck strap. Instead of having to hold your phone in your hands or squeezing it into a pocket that is often too small for the modern smartphones, you can just wear it around your neck. You can wear the cell phone neck strap like a necklace or wear your phone crossbody depending on your personal preference. 


2. When Should You Use A Cell Phone Neck Strap?

From our customer feedback the best use cases to have a lanyard connected to your phone and being able to wear it are the following:

1. Traveling

When traveling, you want your phone close to you to take pictures, check your map and also have all your cash and cards close by (the Keebos neck strap case comes with an attached wallet). Especially when checking in at the airport, people often drop or lose their belongings, so this phone case will be your best friend. 


2. Dog-walks

Have you ever walked your dog while holding a coffee in one hand and all of the sudden the pup pulls on the leash and the coffee dropped to the floor? It has to me, and more than once. No matter how long the dog-walk, you want your phone accessible and not have the fear to drop it and break your screen. Below a picture of Eva Longoria with her iPhone case with neck strap during a stroll with her family. Also check out our blog on Best Dog Walker Accessories


3. Going Shopping

Whether you have your shopping list on your phone or on a paper, you're going to have to keep looking at it and this is where Keebos will be your favorite accessory. Not only will you have your phone close and won't drop it, you can also store up to 7 cards in the back of the case + cash, so you won't even have to bring a bag or a purse. 


4. Having Children

Having children is a full time job, and while multitasking with everything our customers always tell us how much Keebos' iPhone neck strap helps them when dealing with all the tasks of a busy parent. Also check out our blog on Top Reasons why Moms Love Keebos Phone Case Straps


5. Festivals

If you've ever been to a festival with friends, I'm sure one of them has lost their phone during the ravee. If they haven't lost it then they definitely dropped it (I'm guilty of this). This is why our customers love Keebos' cellphone lanyard neck straps. Just place your phone into the case and you have it with you for the next 72 hours dancing without having to worry about it. 


6. Multitasking at Work

No matter if you are working at an office, a fair, as a doctor or nurse or any other profession, there is a high chance that you are very busy and want to stay hands-free. Keebos is here to help you and make you stay handsfree and carefree :)



7. Hiking

Have you ever hiked and didn't know where to put your phone? Have you ever been on a hike and you saw rare exotic animals but were too late to take the photo? Never again, when you have you wear your cell phone neck strap. Have your phone ready at all times. It can even be handy to have your phone around your neck in an emergency situation. 



8. Biking

Have you ever tried taking a picture while riding a bike? I have and I got lucky that I didn't fall. With our iPhone case with strap, you will always have your phone accessible and don't have to worry about neither finding nor dropping your phone. When you take a short break from your bike ride, you just have your phone ready because it's hanging down from your neck. 


We hope you now have a better understanding of what an iPhone case with neck strap is. For each Keebos phone case with neck strap, one tree is planted through our partner organization One Tree Planted. Make sure to check them out if you think you are ready for a handsfree and carefree phone case.


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