What to Pack for Disney World - 2022 Guide

What to Pack for Disney World - 2022 Guide


What to Pack for Disney World

If you are wondering what to pack for Disney World and Disney Land then you are at the best spot! 

We did over 200 hours of research and asked Disney hardcore fans what are the most important things to bring to Disney World. 

Below the most important essentials. 

1. Ticket, Wallet, ID and Gift Cards

It's obvious but make sure you bring the essentials. There are so many stories of happy families not being able to go to their favorite theme park, because they forgot their ticket, wallet or IDs. Also if you have any gift cards, make sure to bring them. Think about all the Starbucks gift cards laying around that you have never used (maybe I should speak for myself). 
The best way to keep your cards, cash, IDs and your cell phone closely accessible all while staying handsfree is Keebos crossbody phone case. 

2. Water Bottle


Another game changer that many newbies forget at Disney Land is a water bottle. Food and drinks are not cheap at the amusement park. Also when walking around all day and standing in line at many different rides, you want to make sure to stay hydrated. 

It can be any water bottle, but if you are looking fo the Mickey Mouse themed bottle above you can check it out here.

3. Phone Charger


There are many reasons why you will need your phone when at Disney Land. Whether you are taking pictures of your favorite Disney characters, or looking up which ride to go on next, make sure your phone doesn't die. It could also be dangerous not to have your phone in case of an emergency. 

You know how annoying it is to be somewhere fun and have your phone die. This won't happen if you bring a charging cable or a portable charger. A great power battery that we found and is pictured above can be found here.


4. Keebos Crossbody Phone Case




 This is the best accessory for Disney World and Disney Land. Keebos crossbody cell phone case helps you stay handsfree and carefree throughout the day. The phone case lets you hang your phone around your neck, so you will always have it accessible. It can be worn with the strap around your neck like a necklace, or crossbody like a bag. You also won't drop or lose your phone. Another amazing feature is the wallet on the back of the case that lets you store up to 7 cards plus cash. When wandering around, you know you have all your important items secure in one place.

You will now have your phone close to you, safe, and also always accessible. This is perfect for when you are on a ride and want to take a picture or have your hands full with yummy snacks.

You can find all crossbody phone cases here.

5. Umbrella


Umbrellas have 2 main benefits when visiting Disney World. Not only does it protect you against rain, which is rare in California and Florida, but it will also protect you against the hot sun. It's best to bring a small umbrella that fits into a backpack. 

We found a pretty cool Mickey Mouse umbrella here.


6. Comfortable Shoes


You will be grateful to wear comfortable shoes for this trip. The worst is having to walk and stand all day with uncomfortable shoes on. I would suggest wearing breathable running sneakers with cushioning and support. 

7. Sunglasses & Sunglass Strap

With your hands full and juggling multiple things at one time, make sure to bring sunglass straps. You won't drop or lose your sunglasses. Also when going on rides, you won't be one of those people sadly looking at their sunglasses laying in the water next to the ride, not being able to get them back.

Check out these amazing three colors that we are sure you will love here.

8. Rain Jacket 


For a rainy day you should bring a rain jacket or a poncho. The best thing is they are so easy to pack. We found a great affordable rain jacket for $20 right here. 

9. Sunscreen


Lastly, don't forget to bring sunscreen. It's easy to forget and most of the time you don't realize how strong the sun is until it's too late. 

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