The Best Cell Phone Wallet with Crossbody Strap

cell phone wallet with crossbody strap

The Best Crossbody Phone Wallet with a Crossbody Strap? Keebos

At Keebos, we're all about combining function and fashion to give our customers the best of both worlds.
Helping you stay handsfree and carefree!
For example, we all know the hassle of a security check at the airport. Lining up, emptying our pockets, placing our laptop in a bin, and walking (shoeless) through the scanner. The only thing worse is putting everything back in its place once you've passed through the check.
This is where we've often found ourselves longing for a single solution that combines phone, purse and/or wallet all in one!
Our Keebos selection offers various cell phone cases with crossbody straps that will allow you to consolidate all your essentials into just one convenient crossbody accessory.
cell phone wallet with crossbody strap

1. Snap your New Keebos Crossbody Wallet Case Easily onto your Smartphone!

First, start out by putting your phone in the case. The thoughtfully designed case snuggly fits around the corners of your phone.

Along the edges of the case you'll notice our mobile phone case with shoulder strap has a raised lip to prevent even the front surface of your phone from coming in contact with surfaces. 

cell phone wallet with crossbody strap iphone

2. Pick your Essential Cards and Items to Keep in the Keebos Wallet Holder

Second, once your smartphone is in the case, pick and choose your most important cards and cash to carry. Day to day, many people need just a core selection of cards including their ID, a credit card of choice, their debit card or cash, and maybe a loyalty points card (Yogurtland, anyone!?)
Keebos crossbody phone wallets with crossbody straps allow you to store up to six (6) cards in the convenient wallet pocket on the rear. You can seal the pocket by tucking the flap into the pocket.
The convenient finger loop around the outside of the wallet not only allows you to more easily grasp your phone, but provides additional support to hold your cards and cash in place. This  cell phone wallet with crossbody strap will make your life easier. 
cell phone wallet with crossbody strap

3. Match your Keebos phone case with strap to your outfit!

Third, once you've sealed the Keebos card wallet, just raise the wallet case with shoulder strap over your head and shoulder, and you can keep all your essentials over your shoulder with the convenience of a purse, but without the bulk! Check out all crossbody phone cases here. 




4. Add your own personal touch to your new Keebos cellphone case with shoulder strap!

Finally, make sure to add your own special touch to accent your Keebos crossbody necklace case! Pick a new color from our collection, and feel free to add your own accents or charms to the strap and rings! Another useful addition Keebos customers have drawn our attention to is the fact that you can clip even your keys to the metal rings on the Keebos cell phone where the crossbody strap attaches! Neat addition that will let you keep all your essentials in one place--perfect for passing through security. Really the best crossbody cell phone purse.
There you have it! In four simple steps you'll be well on your way to traveling in style AND convenience. Make sure to tag us on Instagram @keebos to show off your new Keebos crossbody cell phone wallet with strap!
Also check out One Tree Planted, the partner organization through which Keebos plants trees for each purchase! Let's do our part to support our environment!
Looking for a simple cell phone case with wallet, but no strap? We have those too! CLICK HERE to see our selection of Keebos wallet cases.

 cell phone wallet with crossbody strap

You will love our this crossbody wallet case. See our collection here.  

cell phone wallet with strap crossbody
cell phone wallet with crossbody strap
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