10 Reasons Why You Should Carry Your Phone Around Your Neck

Carry Your Phone Around Your Neck

Carry Your Phone Around Your Neck? Yes!

Welcome to the world of Keebos. A magical wonderland of ease, safety, phone case solutions, iPhone accessories and looking good.

Of course, we might be a little biased, so we thought we’d gather a list of 10 reasons why you should carry your phone around your neck. This way you can enter the world of having a cell phone holder for around your neck and leading a more organized and convenient life.

Without further ado, let’s get going:


1. It Offers Convenience for Access


Picture this; you’re out and about having a fabulous day with your friends or family and you need to access your phone. Five minutes later and you’re still routing through your bag with a bead of sweat making its way down your forehead. Eventually you see your phone case peering out of the abyss and you have your phone.

With the Keebos cellphone holder for around your neck, all you have to do is look down. You save time, money and stress all for the convenience of having it right in front of you when you need it.

carry you phone around your neck

2. It is Less Weight to Carry Around Especially When Hiking


Hiking is hard already. Honestly, we all think it’s fun and games until we are on the upwards trajectory and wondering when the hell will end.

And, this hardship only gets worse when you’re having to carry a bulky bag that could otherwise be reduced down to a less back breaking endeavor. That’s why having the iPhone or Samsung case of your dreams involves being able to carry your phone around your neck. And, everything else in that backpack of yours can be spread out, too.

To find out more about how to lug your phone around while hiking and enjoying the wilderness, visit our other article; “The Best Phone Case for Hiking”.

Phone case around your neck



3. You’ll Find it Hard to Lose, With an Around the Neck Phone Holder


The number one reason for having a cell phone holder for around your neck is the sheer bliss of not losing it. You know what it’s like to be at home and hear your phone ringing. Then, you have to shush everything and everyone around you while you dedicate five vital seconds to deciphering the direction of the ring. The next step is following your ears in the hopes that loud music has not ruined their phone-ring location deciphering skills.

Finally, you hear the last ring, and you’re in the dark. Scouring around in the room you swear you haven’t been in today; you find your cell and it’s a missed call from your mum. After calling her back immediately, you wonder to yourself; surely there’s a more convenient way to have a phone.

There is: the Keebos crossbody phone case.

carry your iphone around your neck


4. Safe Away from Thieves


No matter where you live, thieves will always be a worry. For some, it may be an issue that has shown its ugly face in the past for your iPhone, Samsung or Android device.

So, the most reasonable call-to-action would be to start wearing a cell phone holder for around your neck. This way, it would be very hard for a thief to sneak their hands into your purse and take away the device that holds your life because your phone isn’t there.

If you truly think about it, your phone is the mechanical embodiment of you; it holds your thoughts, chats, friends, bank details, emergency contacts, passwords and more. The iPhone neck holder will always keep your phone close, safe and secure. 

Meaning, it would be silly not to carry a phone case that lets you keep your phone in the only safe place; around your neck. Phone case for around the neck, this makes is also a lot easier to have your phone accessible. 


5. Phone Around Neck - Safe Away from Children


While not thieves, children can be another danger to your cell. Little sticky fingers and growing minds can find high levels of wonder and amusement in your phone. Wanting to emulate their mommy or daddy, a phone left on the side can become your little one’s (alternatively, the little one of a friend or family member) newest toy. 

Next thing you know, your iPhone, Samsung or other worldly device is in pieces, on the floor, buried or taking a (probably) much needed bath.

By having a Keebos cell phone holder for around your neck, little ones can look and touch but can’t damage your phone. And, it will always remain in-sight for safety. Cell Phone holder around neck equals a handsfree and carefree life. That's why we think you should wear phone around neck. 

phone with strap around your neck

6. iPhone Neck Strap - Safe from Being Dropped, Sat-On or Squished


phone around the neck trend


Moving onto the damages caused by ourselves – because nobody is perfect – our phone case that is without a neck strap is not always enough to keep a cell safe from damage.

For example, you could:

  • Sit on your phone

  • Drop your phone

  • Have your phone pushed out of your hands

  • Squish your phone in a full bag

  • Curve your phone in your back pocket

  • Expose your phone to liquid

  • Butt-dial your boss

  • Leave it on the side to become mauled by your cat and/or dog

  • Let your phone get too close to a magnet in your bag

    And, more...

    But, by having your iPhone or other cell device securely strapped around your neck, you reduce these chances ten-fold.

phone carrier around neck

7. Saving from Spending Your Big Bucks on a Bag with a Neck Phone Holder


While it may be nice to walk around with the newest bags, they can be quite expensive. A little too expensive, especially when you’re using the bag every day and carrying the kitchen sink in it only for the sake of having a full bag. Simply because the bag will break sooner. Some people call it a phone neck strap, which is very literal but also super explanatory. 

So, just by having your iPhone or Samsung carried in a cell phone holder for around your neck, you’re saving yourself time, hassle, money and the stress of choosing a bag that will go with every outfit. The neck strap for phone is soft and durable and helps you stay handsfree. 


8. The iPhone Case is Fashionable


This is the reason why we love the Keebos cell phone neck holder. This includes men, too. With names, faces and brands across the world all acknowledging the fashionable powers of the phone case lanyard, it must be the height of the season.

In fact, we’ve gathered a small list of stylish celebs that have been spotted out-and- about with their crossbody phone cases:


  • Amy Childs
  • Eva Longoria
  • Jamie King
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Taylor Swift
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Katy Perry
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Emma Roberts
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Zendaya Coleman
  • Tracee Ellis Ross • Ashlee Simpson
  •  Jaci Marie
  •  Lauren Vee
  •  Larissa Chaehuen
  • Kate Hudson
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Zooey Deschanel

So, why wouldn’t you want to jump on the trend bandwagon?

phone strap case around neck eva longoria

Eva Longoria 



Joy Corrigan


Maria Menounos

Elizabeth Weber

9. Around the Neck Cell Phone Holder - Your Hands are Free!

The last thing any busy mom, workaholic or shopper needs is their phone taking up a hand when that hand could be put to good use elsewhere. This is why they love the phone around the neck case. 

Let’s face it, some of us would opt for limb-multiplication surgery if we hadn’t just made that up. So, why not innovate your hectic lifestyles by keeping your important iPhone, Samsung or Android close to your heart while keeping your other hand free for all of life’s other tasks?

cell phone case around neck carrier

iphone around neck case

10. Your Around-the-Neck Case Can Help Save the Planet

The final and, arguably the most important benefit to why you should carry your phone around your neck is the environmental gain. If you buy your Keebos crossbody phone case for iPhone and Samsung devices, you’ll be planting a tree on our planet.

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the middle of nowhere with a sapling and a trowel, all the hard work is done for you. Simply wear your cell phone holder for around your neck and you’ll be saving the world, your money, your time, your effort, your stress, your hands and more.

And that concludes our list of 10 reasons why you should carry your phone around your neck! If that hasn’t sold it, we don’t really know what will. Your new phone case will bring all the above benefits and more to your life. Think about the accessorizing opportunities!

Check out our Keebos Crossbody phone cases for iPhone and Samsung devices that you can wear around your neck with pride.


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