9 Tech Gifts Under $100 That You’ll Want To Keep Forever

9 Tech Gifts Under $100 That You’ll Want To Keep Forever

9 Cool Tech Gifts You’ll Want To Keep Forever

With the number of smart gadgets available, it’s common for people to have multiple pieces of tech to manage daily. Whether it's a tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, or even something as cutting-edge as AR (Augmented Reality) glasses, many people will have to keep track of several different products.

To take care of and make the most of your tech products, there are several tech tools available to you. Let’s look at 9 technology accessories that you’ll want to consider.

9.  Digital Picture Frame


Nowadays it’s easy to take and store as many photos as you want, so you’ll want to display as many as you can. A traditional picture frame isn’t the pinnacle of adaptability, but they do function well for a single moment you want prominently displayed.

However, for those times when you want to be able to show off an entire album’s worth of photos (or videos of your memories) a digital picture frame can allow this possibility. Digital picture frames can sync directly to your devices or by storing files themselves.

8.  Portable Power Bank


Traveling with your devices means being prepared to have them charged and ready at a moment’s notice.

A portable power bank can be charged and hold power that you can then take with you to recharge your devices later on when you are on the go. This is an excellent accessory to keep on hand when you don’t anticipate being in an area where you will be stationary or have charging access. 

7.  UV Phone Sanitizer


A UV phone sanitizer is a device that allows you to insert your phone and eliminate germs and bacteria from the phone’s surface.

Some companies even suggest that they can eliminate the COVID-19 virus on surfaces as well. With how often we handle our phones nowadays and how many places they go and are set down, it is only natural that they will pick up some unwanted germs at some point. Having a UV Phone sanitizer is a convenient way to keep your phone free of contaminants.

6.  Wireless Headphones


Wireless headphones are a great accessory to have in your possession. The freedom to listen to music, podcasts, radio, or whatever other audio from your devices and not be physically tied to them by a cord is a wonderful experience.

With over-the-ear and in-ear offerings as well as some other unique styles, there should be many products to consider for your comfort.

5.  Phone or Tablet Stand


A phone or tablet stand is an excellent tool to keep your device in a convenient location for display when you need it. Maybe you are reading a recipe off of your tablet in the kitchen and want it in a convenient place while you are cooking, and you don’t want to have to fiddle with it in the middle of the process.

A tablet stand can keep your device propped upright in an ideal place for you to view. A phone stand works the same, with convenient locations like on the dashboard of your car as a GPS, or at the head of an exercise machine so you can watch videos while you work out.

4.  Smartphone Printer


Since phone cameras keep getting better and better, it makes sense that people use them to their fullest extent and fill up their storage with photos. One way to make this process even more fun and convenient is to use a portable smartphone printer, which allows you to print pictures directly from your smartphone.

3.  Fitness Tracker


A fitness tracker is a good purchase for anyone who wants to keep up with their health in a more sophisticated way and keep precise track of what their progress looks like. There are many options available on the market at this point, with some coming in the form of a watch-like device, or even pendants that can be worn around your neck.

They can track a variety of stats like the distance you walked and calories burned, and some can even track your sleep to help you understand your cycles and maximize the rest you get!

2.  Wireless Tracker


Wireless trackers are useful devices that allow you to find the location of anything they are attached to. If there are some precious items that you want to make sure you are always aware of, like your keys or bag or luggage, you can add a wireless tracker to them and sync it to your phone or other smart devices, and when you are within a certain range you will be able to locate where the tracker is and therefore, what it is attached to.

1.    Crossbody Phone Case


Our smartphones play such an essential role in many areas of our lives now. Whether you’re keeping up with friends, work, the news, etc., making sure it’s safe and secure is an important task. One of the best products to keep your phone close and secure is a crossbody phone case. 


Keebos crossbody phone cases are functional and stylish, and are compatible with iPhones as well as Samsung phones. It’s a super-convenient phone case and busy celebs love them! Want a must-have phone accessory that’s fashionable and functional? Get a Keebos today!

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