What is the Most Convenient Phone Case?

What is the Most Convenient Phone Case?

What is the Most Convenient Phone Case?

Crossbody phone cases are the most functional and convenient phone cases.

Why? We’ve got seven reasons, but it boils down to how tough, versatile, and customizable they are...

Keebos have a handy strap that can be worn any way you want, and come in a variety of colors. You can keep your grip and they’re extremely durable. The wallet on the back and the fact that it’s available for iPhone and Samsung users are two more reasons why we think Keebos are the best. Read on for more information. 


1. The Strap Keeps You From Dropping And Losing Your Phone

Most Keebos phone cases come with an adjustable strap or cord that is 54 inches long. The strap is luxurious, with smooth fibers that are comfortable even on sensitive skin. The Royal phone cases feature fantastic 45-inch chains that will make you feel like your name belongs on the Hollywood walk of fame. The best part about the strap though? The fact that you never have to worry about dropping it. 


Dropping your smartphone can lead to major problems. Even if you make it through without cracking your screen, you may damage the logic board. The logic board has several different connectors and components soldered to it, and if one of them comes loose, you’ll have phone issues. With Keebos, you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone. Every Keebos case keeps your phone close to your body. If it “drops,” it’ll just swing back to you. No problem!

2. Wear Around Your Neck (Crossbody or Like a Necklace)

Keebos can be worn two different ways: as a crossbody phone case or as a necklace/lanyard.  The cord is adjustable too, so it’ll never be too long. Wearing it how you want allows you to switch what hip you want your phone to rest on when it’s a crossbody case. It also gives you the option of wearing it under your coat as a necklace if it’s pouring down rain, so your phone won’t suffer any damage. 


3. Amazing Colors and Designs

The cool thing about Keebos is that they work with practically any outfit you can think of. Are you going to a black-tie event? You can wear a Sunset Case, Midnight Case, Royal Gold, or Royal Onyx case. Are you planning to travel out of the country? Why not take a Voyage case to go on the voyage with you? Just chillin’ at home with some friends? Grab a Beach case or Abbot Kinney case. Going to a baby shower? Why not bring the baby-pink Rose case? The possibilities are practically endless with Keebos.

Can’t decide which color you want? Grab more than one, we won’t tell. 


4. Comes with Wallet for Cards and Cash

Crossbody phone cases have a wallet on the back that can hold up to six cards. The wallet is sealable and is oriented sideways, so you can slide your cards in the same way you’d slide them into your wallet. With Keebos, you can pack lighter, and truly enjoy being hands-free and carefree. You can toss your ID and some cash in there too. The wallet is especially convenient for bar-hopping at bachelorette parties


5. Comes with a Finger Strap To Hold Your Phone in One Hand

Anyone who’s dropped their phone on their face while lying in bed knows the pain and suffering that our phones can cause. Not only does it inflict physical pain, but if your friends or family are nearby, it can also inflict a ton of embarrassment. Some Reddit users in the post above even reported getting tooth and mouth damage from dropping their phones. Ouch!

With Keebos, you don’t need to worry about that, since the comfortable elastic band gives you a good grip on your phone. No more dropping your phone on your face - you’re welcome!


6. High Quality and Made Out of Tough Materials 

Keebos cords have a strong, reinforced core so that you won’t need to worry about it falling apart. The cord is connected to two strong connector rings that are able to keep your phone safe at all times. The phone case has 4-corner bumper protection to absorb shocks to your phone. The case also has a 3-millimeter raised lip that protects your front screen and camera. Phone damage is a thing of the past, thank goodness. 


7. Available for iPhone and Samsung Users

If you’ve ever been stoked to buy something, only to realize they don’t have the right one for you, you know how inconvenient it can be. Keebos are the most convenient iPhone case and the most convenient Samsung case. Why? Because we have a case for virtually every iPhone and Samsung available. 

Our iPhone cases are for the 12 Pro Max all the way down to the iPhone 5/5S/SE First Generation. Our Samsung cases go from the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra all the way to the Samsung S9. Can’t find your phone model? Message us, we’d be happy to help!


Crossbody Phone Cases are the Most Practical Phone Case

We’ve got Keebos phone cases for iPhone and Samsung users that are great at keeping your phone safe. They’re adjustable, can be worn how you want, and come in a variety of colors and designs. They’re also durable and come with a wallet and elastic strap to keep your phone and your cards safe. Keebos are the best phone case around - get one today!

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