The Best Bachelorette Party Accessory

The Best Bachelorette Party Accessory

Best Bachelorette Accessories

Everyone’s got their own ideas for how you should spend your bachelorette party, but we’re sure you’ve got a few ideas of your own.

Whether your plans involve a classy tea party or a down and dirty club, hailing an Uber, or a chill spa day with friends, Keebos are the best accessory for a bachelorette party. If you’re not convinced, read on to discover why:

Keebos are Perfect with Any Outfit



Keebos come in a variety of styles and colors so that you’ll always find the one you need to coordinate with your outfit. Planning on a cozy spa day? The Rose case will coordinate nicely with your fluffy pink robe.

Looking forward to a night out on the town? The Sunset case goes great with any classy cocktail dress. Want to take the glam up a notch? Grab a Royal case with a gold or onyx chain and people may mistake you for a celebrity. Make sure you get the best bachelorette phone case when celebrating this year. 

best bachelorette accessory

Keebos Are the Best Dance Partner


Have you ever tried to bring your purse with you to the dance floor? Take our word for it - it’s not pretty. With Keebos, the worry of what to do with your valuables is out the window. You can truly be hands-free and carefree as you dance the night away with no fear of losing your phone.

best bachelorette phone case

That’s right: you can snap and upload as many photos to Instagram as you want, and you don’t have to go digging for your phone first. (If you do bring Keebos to your bachelorette party, be sure to tag us!) Don’t be afraid to shake what your mama gave you - we’ve got you covered!


Keep Your Friends Close and Your ID Closer

Did you know that Keebos have a wallet pouch on the back? This allows you to keep your ID cards, cash, and credit cards close to you wherever you are. It’s a super-handy feature, especially for bachelorette parties, because you’ll have what you need when you need it.

You can tip your limo driver, pull out your ID at the bar, and pack light for a girls’ hike as long as you take Keebos!

Being Tipsy Isn’t Risky with Keebos - The Best Bachelorette Phone Case


Let’s face it - when we think about bachelorette parties, we think about drinks. A lot of brides and bridesmaids celebrate with a little help from the bartender. A lot can happen to your phone while you’re celebrating though.

All of that drinking and dancing could result in a phone with a cracked screen or one that gets dropped into the water. You could even accidentally leave your phone at the bar as you’re on your way home.

You Won’t Drop Your Phone with Keebos


With Keebos, there’s no risk of dropping your phone. The crossbody phone strap ensures your phone is always close by, so even if you lose your grip, the worst that can happen is that it’ll drop to your lap. Keebos also have a comfortable elastic band on the back to help you get a better grip on your phone - so you’re good to go!


Keebos are Made from Tough Stuff

best bachelorette iPhone case

The premium cord that comes with Keebos is made from a strong, reinforced core that won’t tear apart. The 54-inch cord is connected to two tough connector rings that help keep your phone safe.

Every Keebos case also comes with durable 4-corner bumper protection to absorb shock and impact to your phone. Each case also features a 3-millimeter raised lip to protect your front screen and camera.


This Bachelorette Phone Case Won’t Steer You Wrong


Whether you’re calling an Uber to take you and your tipsy friends home, or looking for the next party stop because you don’t want the night to end, Keebos protect your phone and keep it close at all times. Keebos are a great choice to keep you and your friends safe and get you where you need to go, whatever your plans are for your bachelorette party! Keebos are the must-have bachelorette party phone case!

Keebos Make a Great Bridesmaid Gift

If you feel like giving your bridesmaids their gift ahead of time, you can bring each of them a Keebos case. Might as well get them something they’ll love and actually use, right? Keebos are compatible with both iPhone and Samsung phones. And the best part is that they cost less than the typical bridesmaid gift does ($75-150), so you can make them feel even more spoiled by adding other fun bridesmaid gifts that they’ll love!


Bring Keebos to Your Bachelorette Party


Since Keebos come in such a wide variety of colors and styles, they coordinate perfectly with any outfit and you’ll get the best photos of your party because your phone will be at your fingertips all night long. You don’t have to worry about losing your ID, cash, or cards, and you won’t end up with a lost or damaged phone the next day because you won’t drop it.

Whenever you need your phone, it’ll be close by, and they make a fantastic bridesmaid gift too. So get the best bachelorette party accessory ever - get a Keebos!

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