Best Bandolier Alternative

best bandolier alternative

Keebos - Bandolier Crossbody Case Alternative

bandolier phone case alternative

If you’re looking for a bandolier competitor that will be less expensive, come in plenty of colors and styles, and show off your phone’s sleek finish, you should choose Keebos! Keebos is also eco-friendly and all of the packaging is eco-friendly. 


We have Samsung phones cases or for those who have older iPhones, we have those too! At Keebos, we also offer quick shipping options. Read on for more about why Keebos are the best Bandolier alternative!

bandolier alternative

1. Keebos Are Fairly Priced

Even our most expensive Keebos (Voyage and Royal cases) are affordable, our most expensive phone cases are less than $50, while other phone cases cost at least $100 on average and up to $258, depending on what you get.

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max is already around $1,500 with 1 terabyte of memory - do you really want to spend $258 more just for a case if you don’t have to?


2. Love Colors and Options? Love Keebos!

Keebos come in a wide array of colors and styles. We have Keebos with premium woven cords, more tech-looking (detachable) straps, and elegant detachable chains. We’ve got some with gold accents on them and others without the accents. We have several options for you to choose from, including:



  • All black with a premium cord (Midnight)
  • Clear case with a premium cord and gold accents (Sunset)
  • Clear case with a premium woven red cord and gold accents (Beach)
  • Clear with a premium pine green cord and gold accents (Venice)
  • Clear with a premium camo green cord and gold accents (Abbot Kinney)
  • All pink case (Rose)
  • Clear case with elegant gold chain (Royal Gold)
  • Clear case with elegant black chain (Royal Onyx)
  • Clear case with pink  cord and gold accents (Flower)
  • Black case with industrial, detachable straps (Voyage)
  • Clear case with industrial, detachable straps (Clear Voyage)

If you already have a case you just get the Keebos Straps here.  

bandlier Belinda strap
Similar to the Bandolier Strap, but more affordable pricing. 

bandolier competitor alternative

You may have noticed, too, that other crossbody cases cover up your phone completely. If you just got a phone with an impressive finish and you want to show it off, you can’t do that with other brands. We think it’s a shame to hide your beautiful, luxe phone finish away underneath a case, and that’s why we offer clear cases. Showcase your cool new phone to your heart’s content!

Keebos also has cute wristlets

Pearl Paradise

Green Emerald Wristlet

3. One Tree Planted: Keebos Cares

There’s a chance that you’ve already heard about the Keebos promise, but if you haven’t, here it is. We promise that, for every phone case purchased, one tree will be planted through our partner organization One Tree Planted.

We partner with them because we’re about more than just selling phone cases. We believe it’s up to us to help protect and preserve the environment, and are so happy to partner with you and One Tree Planted to make it happen. 



Our packaging is made from eco-friendly and biodegradable craft paper, and we don’t use plastics or fancy dyes for our packaging. 

4. Bandolier Competitor - Get a Perfect Grip and Keep It

Keebos added an amazing feature that other companies don’t have: a luxurious and comfortable elastic band on the back to help you hold your phone. The elastic strap makes it easy to fit the phone in your hand, and eliminates the chances of your phone falling painfully onto your face while you scroll in bed. The last thing you need is to get bruises and fractures because you decided to binge Netflix before bed! Take the strap off and use it as a normal phone case with wallet and finger loop! Call it a bandolier dupe if you like, but this Los Angeles based brand's case is the real deal!

brands like bandolier

5. The Keebos Website is Easy to Navigate

On many different websites, you may discover that you spent all that time looking just to find that your phone doesn’t work with your specific phone. In fact, often even when filtering correctly, the list that comes up may not be compatible with the iPhone you’re looking for.

Keebos is compatible with many different phones. If you’ve got an older iPhone, it would be really tough to find a phone case with other crossbody purse brads. As we said above, even clicking on the iPhone you have may not help, and they don’t even list later models of iPhones on their sites. Call it bandolier phone case dupe, but it's available for Samsung phones and Google Pixel phones, which makes so many customers around the world happy. 

However, if you go on the Keebos website, it’s easy to navigate and you’ll always be able to find your phone easily. Our Keebos are compatible with every iPhone from the 15 Pro Max to the iPhone 5/5S/SE first generation. Take the hassle out of crossbody phone case shopping and choose a Keebos!

phone cases like bandolier

6. Got a Samsung? Get Keebos!

If you’re a Samsung user, we’re sorry to say that you won’t find a crossbody phone case on any other stores. They only offer their cases to iPhone users. Luckily, you’ve got a less expensive and more versatile phone case option: Keebos! We have Samsung phone cases for every model, the newest Samsung Galaxy models to the S9, so you’re sure to find what you need.  

If you ever have trouble identifying what kind of phone you have, just contact Keebos. We’d be happy to help you out!

bandolier for samsung galaxy phones

7. Keebos has Free and Faster Shipping

Many brands are more expensive than Keebos, but Keebos offers free shipping to US customers, many other don't. They charge $5 shipping on each order unless your order is over $150. Call it bandolier dupes, but Keebos also offers shipping outside of the US for $9.90, whereas others doesn’t even state on their website how much international shipping will be.

phone purse bandolier competitor for samsung

Not only is shipping more expensive with some brands, but it also takes longer. Keebos takes 3-5 business days to ship (on average) in the US, whereas others take 8-12 business days. You’d be paying more money for a more expensive case (plus shipping unless your order’s above $150), only to get your phone case later. Keebos even offers faster shipping methods if you’re really in a hurry to get your phone case. 

8. The Phone Case Like Bandolier, but Different

If you’ve got a new iPhone and you want a crossbody phone case but you don’t want to drop as much money on it, Keebos are a great option for you! It’s beloved by celebrities and influencers, and we know you’ll love it too! You can show off your phone case, avoid getting hurt by your phone falling on your face, and get all the designs and styles you want.

phone cases like bandolier

best bandolier alternative dupe competitor

Scarlett Johansson with her Venice Keebos below. As you can see it's not a knockoff, it's a better version to stay handsfree & carefree. 


If you’ve got an older iPhone or Samsung and are looking for a crossbody phone case like Bandolier, we’re the answer! Other phone case companies don't seem to offer many phone cases to those with older iPhones (and they don’t offer any to Samsung users) but we do! We also offer better shipping and you’ll get your phone faster. Does that sound good? Get a Keebos phone case today!


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I love my Keebos crossbody phone case! I switched from Bandolier and bought many more Keebos for my family and friends. The pearl wristlet is also super cute.


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