The Best Crossbody Phone Case for iPhone 13

best crossbody phone case for iphone 13 pro

Nothing compares to the feeling of unwrapping your brand new iPhone 13. It’s just as beautiful as I imagined it, you think. For a moment, you bask in the glory of having the iPhone 13, and then you realize: “I need a case!” If you’re on the hunt for the best iPhone 13 crossbody phone case, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out what makes Keebos the best crossbody phone case for your iPhone 13. 

Protect Your iPhone 13 with this Drop-Proof Case

The Best Crossbody Phone Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Even though the crossbody iphone 13 pro max case one of Apple’s toughest iPhones yet, chances are you’d rather not push your luck. Keebos are a great way for you to protect your investment, since they make it impossible to drop your phone while you’re wearing it. It’s no secret that iPhones are expensive, but having Keebos can help you keep your phone in pristine condition. 

best crossbody case for iphone 13 pro max

Every Keebos phone case is sturdy, with a 3-millimeter raised lip to protect your front screen and camera. Keebos cases also have 4-corner bumper protection to keep your phone undamaged from impacts and shocks. The cord is connected to the case with strong connector rings, and even the cord itself has a reinforced core. We put a lot of thought into our cases because we want you to be hands-free and carefree. The iPhone 13 pro max purse case

Show Off Your Pretty, New iPhone

best crossbody phone case for iphone 13

You don’t want a phone case that will cover up your phone - you just got a brand new iPhone! The finishes on these phones are so amazing, it’d be a tragedy to cover them. Whether you chose the Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, or Red finish, Keebos can help display Apple’s flawless craftsmanship. 

Many of our model for iPhone 13 pro case crossbody allow you to put that hot new iPhone on full display, including: 

  • The Clear Voyage (Black, removable straps)
  • Sunset (Black cord with gold accents)
  • Beach (Red, woven cord with gold accents)
  • Abbott Kinney (Camo green woven cord with gold accents)
  • Venice (Pine green cord with gold accents)
  • Flower (Pink cord with gold accents)
  • Royal Gold (45-inch Gold chain)
  • Royal Onyx (45-inch Black chain)

crossbody phone case for iphone 13 pro max


Our bestseller right now is the iPhone 13 Pro Max crossbody phone case, we assume it's because it's the biggest phone, that is easiest to drop.

iPhone 13 Crossbody Case - Look Even Better

Crossbody Case for iPhone 13

There’s no such thing as a bad-looking Keebos owner. We’ve got to be honest - they just doesn’t exist. (Don’t believe us? Check our Instagram for proof.) You obviously already look great, but Keebos can help you look even better. We’ve got Keebos cases in nearly every color and style possible, so our cases will work with any outfit you’ve got. 

Besides that, you’re so much happier when you don’t have to stress about where your phone is or worry about dropping it. Stress wreaks havoc on our appearance, causing our skin to be more susceptible to infections, breakouts, and wrinkles. Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be that way. Stay classy and sassy with Keebos phone cases. We promise, you will love your crossbody iPhone 13 pro case.

Other Crossbody iPhone 13 Case Users Love Keebos

Crossbody Cell Phone Case for iPhone 13

There are lots of iPhone users who already love their Keebos crossbody phone cases for the iPhone 13 Pro. Among them are Maria Menounos, Jaci Marie Smith, Larissa Chehuen, and more! We like to think that those who like Keebos and iPhone are particularly stylish. If you decide to join the ranks of Keebos iPhone 13 crossbody phone case wearers, we guarantee you’ll be in good company. 

Stay Camera-Ready By Being Keebos-Ready


The iPhone 13 has an innovative new camera system that will help make your Instagram account pop. But the best camera system in the world can’t help you if you miss the shot because you were busy fishing your camera from your purse. That’s why a Keebos phone case is the perfect complement to the iPhone 13: your phone will always be close at hand to capture the best photo ops. Don’t throw away your shot - get a Keebos and never miss a photo opp again!


crossbody phone case for iphone 13


Keebos phone cases help you live life to the fullest so you can enjoy all the perks that the iPhone 13 offers, including:

  • Cinematic Mode
  • Night Mode
  • Portrait Mode
  • Smart HDR 4
  • Deep Fusion
  • Ultra-Wide Camera
  • Photographic Styles
  • TrueDepth Camera (with all the same features)

 Be ready to snap a picture in an instant with your Keebos case. Aspiring filmmakers, rejoice!

Keebos: The Best Phone Case for iPhone 13


The Best Crossbody Phone Case for iPhone 13'crossbody-iphone-case-for-iPhone-13-pro

Keebos are amazing, designer crossbody phone cases for the iPhone 13. You can stay on your toes by keeping your phone next to you and catch all the best moments on your phone. You look better (and less stressed) when you can be hands-free and carefree, and you can show off your stunning phone without the risk of damaging it. And we haven’t even talked about the useful 6-card wallet on the back or the elastic band that helps you keep your grip!

Keebos are a must-have phone case for any iPhone 13 user. Join our growing list happy customers and get a Keebos crossbody case for your iPhone 13 today!

The Best Crossbody Phone Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

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